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Welcome to the new Moon Area School District application process - AppliTrack!
Click here to apply for a position

We have improved our application process!  Once you have applied to Moon Area School District through this new system, here is what you can expect:

  • All files will be maintained for one year from application date, and you can continue to update your online file.
  • You do not have to complete all parts of your application when you begin the process - you can go back into your account at a later date and add missing components (such as clearances, transcripts, etc.).  Do not skip parts of the application process.  Be aware that only submitted applications are considered for interviews.  If you have questions about whether or not your application is submitted or not, check with the Human Resources Department.
  • Your file will be sorted into "pools," considered each time the need for a position becomes available and is consistent with your areas of interest and credentials. These "pools" are generally used when an emergency situation arises to fill a position on a temporary basis. Pools can be areas of certification (biology) or supplementals (soccer). Pools should not be confused with Job Postings.
  • If you are interested in applying for a specific position which has been posted, you must select the job vacancy you are interested in, and click the orange "apply" button in the AppliTrack job posting.  You must do this for each position in which you want to apply.

Once you have properly submitted your complete application for a job posting, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you did not apply for the position and you will not be a candidate for consideration. If you have questions, please contact 412.264.9440 ext. 1133, and our Human Resources Office will be happy to assist you with this AppliTrack process.

Whether you are applying for an Administrative, Confidential, Professional (Teaching), Paraprofessional, Custodial/Maintenance, or substitute position, our new system will automatically connect your file with the appropriate job opportunity. Interviews will be scheduled from applicable and complete applications at the time a position becomes available.

Please proceed to the AppliTrack site to begin your application process.

Only files that are 100% complete will be considered.
Paper documents will no longer be accepted.

Only contracted employees of the District are considered internal applicants. Long-Term Substitutes, Day-to-Day Substitutes, Temporary Employees and Coaches are not contracted employees, and should apply as an external applicants.  

NOTE: If you have completed the PA Educator application, it is still necessary for you to complete the Moon Area School District application process in order to be considered for an interview with the District.

Required Clearances

Employment with Moon Area School District requires background clearances as regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The following clearances are required for employment:

Pennsylvania State Police Clearance

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) report-PDE

  • Click here to register online. After you register online, you will need to visit a Cogent fingerprint facility. The Cogent website includes a map noting where these facilities are located throughout Pennsylvania


NEW APPLICANTS: You must complete the required Act 168 Disclosure Release prior to employment.

Pre-Employment Sexual Abuse/Misconduct Disclosure (168)

  • Click here to download the form. Complete the top section and section 1 for each current/previous employer in which you had direct contact with children. Be sure to sign page 2 of each form. Forward all forms to MASD Human Resources Department via mail or email.
  • Act 168 Procedures
  • Act 168 FAQ

On behalf of Moon Area School District,
best wishes for success in your career endeavors.