Moon Academy

Susan Kazmierczak, Principal
Moon Academy at the Richard J. Hyde Educational Resource Center
110 Wallridge Drive
Moon Township, PA 15108

412-264-9440 ext. 7001

In education, one size does not, and never will, fit all. Often students have diverse needs that do not always fit within a traditional school day. In response, Moon Area School District launched its Moon Academy at the Richard J. Hyde Educational Resource Center in the fall of 2015.

Moon Academy serves students in grades 7-12 in a flexible, nontraditional setting that uses an online learning system with a low student/teacher ratio. The program is highly individual in order to meet the unique needs of each student. Some students are at-risk of not graduating on-time due to academic and life challenges. Other students simply prefer an online education model. And, some students elect to move through the curriculum at an accelerated pace to finish high school early.

“Moon Area School District provides an academic environment in which the majority of students can thrive. There is a body of students, however, for whom these mainstream programs are not effective. Every student has a story, and the stories can be very unique.”

The superintendent cites circumstances such as unconventional learning styles; early academic failure resulting in increasingly dire academic performance; family disruptions including divorce, death or other family turbulence; teen parenting and family child care issues; and financial need resulting in early entry into the workforce. For other families, homeschooling and cyber school options have been the preferred mode of education and Moon Academy offers a viable alternative with an abundance of support.  

“Our Moon Area High School diploma means something. Moon’s 2013-14 School Performance Profile score was 94.13 compared to an SPP score of 49.4 for cyber charter schools. Moon Academy not only offers a rigorous online educational program, it also provides access to the district’s full complement of educational, extracurricular and social opportunities that can’t be replicated by our cyber charter school competitors.”

Moon Academy students use Plato Courseware, a standards-based online learning program, with on-site assistance from highly qualified teachers. Whether students are behind, at grade level or advanced, they receive the instruction and support necessary for them to thrive. In addition, Moon Academy students have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular and athletic offerings that are afforded to traditional Moon Area students.   

"By selecting an online course of study at Moon Academy, students no longer have to sacrifice the entire middle and high school experience. Students can take advantage of opportunities in both programs.”

While Moon Academy serves students of all academic abilities, it is not a program for students with behavior issues. Whether working to graduate on-time or to graduate early, students work at an accelerated pace, which requires commitment, focus and a general respect for the educational environment.

To learn more about Moon Academy, contact Susan Kazmierczak, principal, at 412-264-9440 ext. 7001 or via email