We offer a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of all students. Our course offerings at each grade level reflect a broad scope of opportunities for students to attain a well-rounded education that focuses on critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

All curricular areas are aligned to Pennsylvania State Academic Standards and Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards where applicable. National Standards also are used to align content areas where PA State Standards have not been developed or finalized.


Pennsylvania School Performance Profile
The PA Department of Education released the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile (SPP) on Oct. 4. The public site provides an academic performance score for public schools in the state. A perfect score equals 100 percent, and is calculated by several indicators including academic achievements (40%), closing the achievement gap for all students (5%), academic growth (40%), and other academic indicators (10%). The purpose of this score is to inform the public of school performance; provide a building-level score for educators as part of their evaluation system; allow the public to compare schools across the state; and give schools a methodology to analyze their strengths and needs. In addition to the scoring aspect of the site, the public can compare schools within and across the state. The site offers supports for schools to consider as they identify needs in the academic profile.

Please click here for more information about the SPP.


To measure student progress toward the achievement of standards, a comprehensive system for assessment is used to gather data that is used by teachers and administrators to make decisions about curriculum and instruction for all students.

2013-2014 Assessment Calendar



The Keystone Exams

The Keystone Exams are one component of Pennsylvania’s new system of high school graduation requirements. Keystone Exams will help school districts guide students toward meeting state standards—standards aligned with expectations for success in college and the workplace. In order to receive a diploma, students must also meet local district credit and attendance requirements and complete a culminating project, along with any additional district requirements.

For more information: Pennsylvania Keystone Exams