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Attention Alumni: 

From time to time we receive requests for contact information for those of you who arrange class reunions.  If you are responsible for, or volunteer to, organize reunions for your class, please forward contact information to  

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If so.....tell us who you are, when you graduated, and what you're doing now! Then watch for your news to appear as alumni news on this page.  Feel free to include information on how fellow classmates can reach you. Information you provide, will appear on this page for fellow alumni to maintain contact with one another. Send alumni news to Please refrain from sending attached files.

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Class Reunion Information

Class Reunion Contacts

From time to time we receive requests for contact information for those of you who arrange class reunions.  If you are responsible for, or volunteer to, organize reunions for your class, please forward contact information to - On, there is a Moon Area School District section and then we can manage information by those in our specific class.  We are also going to ask those of you in touch with your circle of MHS1975 friends to share whatever we put out....better that folks get multiple emails than that we miss someone.

Upcoming Class Reunions: 

Moon Class of 1983 30th Year Reunion:
Date: Saturday, July 6, 2013
Time: 5:00 - 11:00 p.m.
Place: Robin Hill Park, 949 Thorn Run Road, Moon Township, PA 15108
Contact: Mark Morgan at (412) 299-0791 (H) or (412) 877-9117 (C) or for more details and payment.

Class of 1963 - 50 Year Reunion
Mark your calendars for September 13-14, 2013. Click here for more information. If you have questions, please contact David Keller at 412-963-6656 or

 Alumni News
Notes and Thoughts from Classmates

From the Class Acts of: 

Class of 1999

My name is Cory Spoerl,, and I am a graduate of the Class of 1999.  I now reside in the Mt. Washington Area, formerly from Sandusky, OH.  I am planning on attending The University of Pittsburgh this fall to obtain my degree in accounting / finance with a minor in Computer Science.

Class of 1997

Hi I'm Aaron Ilnicki...I graduated in 1997 and am currently in training as a residential carpenter.  I would like to hear from some of my fellow graduates to see what you are up to.  I can be reached @

Hello my name is Mandy Morris, class of 1997.  It would be great to hear from old classmates to see what everyone has been up to.  As soon as I graduated high school I went to work.  I am currently working for the Pennsylvania Safety and Emissions Team.  We run the emission program on all the vehicles.  I love my job, it's very interesting at times!  I have a 6 year old daughter named Carly that will be going to Brooks this year.  It would be great to hear from everyone in the class.  I can be reached at

Class of 1996  

My name is Kristy Britsch and I graduated from Moon High School in 1996.  After graduating from high school, I attended college at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where I received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in History in 2001. In the fall of 2001, I attended law school at Capital University Law School, a private university located in Columbus, Ohio, and graduated from law school in 2004. I currently reside in Columbus and am a practicing attorney at the law firm of Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter. I focus on ERISA and employee benefit matters (i.e., tax-qualified retirement plans, health and welfare plans, executive compensation arrangements and deferred compensation plans and ERISA and tax code compliance).   Best Regards, Kristy -

My name is Daniel Morris I was a student for only one year but took with me many memories. I'm currently in Houston TX working for a major bank just waiting to become a member of the Houston Police Dept. I've been married for 5 years and I have two beautiful girls Macie 4, and Sophia 2, and number three due in April. I would love to hear from my old classmates and catch up on the last ten years you can e mail me at

My name is Patricia K. McCann, I went by Patty McCann in High School.  After high school, I went to Robert Morris University .  I graduated from Robert Morris in 2002, I have a B.S.B.A in Human Resource Management.  I work for LandAmerica since 2002.  LandAmerica is a title insurance policy agent.  We deal with refinances, purchases, sub-prime loans, home equity loans, and title only on houses.  I love my job, since I’ve working at a title agency, I’ve learned a lot about on real estate.  Currently, I been dating a guy for about 7 years now, not married, no children. HA! HA! HA!  I’ve been living in Moon since I graduated.  I would like to catch up on old times with anyone, so please email me at:

My name is Tim Kozik. I've been in the Army since I graduated in 1996. I haven't kept in touch with very many people. I do know that Chris A. Smith is in Iraq (PA National Guard). Unfortunately I've been recruiting for the Army for the past 4 years but I get to go back to jumping out of planes and blowing things up at Ft. Bragg, NC in January. If anyone out there wants to say hi, my e-mail is or

Hello, this is Audrey Sica class president of the 1996 graduating class. I am preparing plans for a 10 year reunion to happen sometime late summer of 2006. I am asking people to contact me with their email or other contact info so I can compile a list. I'm also looking for some people to offer suggestions for venues and activities or possibly volunteer to help with this effort. Please contact me at[].

Elizabeth J. Kuhn - Interested in reunion information.  Please contact Lizz Kuhn. Thanks!

Joye (Patterson) Hagen :)
After graduation, I spent a year and a half at Geneva College.  Meeting the man of my dreams I was married in April of '99 to Eric Hagen, a Beaver HS Alumni and Grove City Grad.  We were living in Beaver with our 2 year old Spencer until June of 2004 until Eric was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia.  We have a home at 855 Under Court, Sugar Hill, GA 30518,  with our two sons Spencer,3yrs  and Carter, 4mths.   Feel free to reach out and email

Mark Hensley [][ mailto:[]  After graduating Moon in 1996, I attended and graduated from Eckerd College, located in St. Petersburg, FL, in May of 2000 with a B.A. in Psychology. I worked for one year as a Pennsylvania State Constable in Bethel Park, PA, before moving back to St. Petersburg. I currently work for the City of St. Petersburg Police Department and serve as both a Field Training Officer and a SWAT Team member. I'm not sure if anyone visits this site, but I would love to hear from anyone and everyone.  Please take care, and I hope I see some of you at a reunion some time soon.

Hey, my name is David Robinson,  A while ago my brother Shawn posted a message about running into John Petty John in Iraq and that the last time he had seen him was at Jeff Halliday's grad party.  Shawn couldn't believe the responses that his posting got and he shared them with me; it was fun to remember the good ol days.   Anyway I thought I might have some news to contribute. I was just in Moon, June 6 (2004), for Jeff Halliday's wedding; he met a really nice girl named Susan and she's as quick witted and charming as Jeff (who by the way is now anchoring sports on TV for CBS in West VA very cool).  His wedding reception was a really good time and the guest list included many of Moon High's own including my good friends Alex Panis, and Bill Brenhisen (spelling) who were groomsmen along with me and two of Jeff's friends from college.

Class of 96 Rocks!! Go CC!!!
 - David Robinson Tiger Pride!

Hi, I thought you would find this story interesting, My name is Shawn Robinson, my twin brother Dave and I graduated from Moon High School in 1996! I am now a Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot. I am currently stationed in Iraq with HMH-466 WolfPack. When we first got here we were relieving some Army units so they could go home. Anyway I was waiting in Line to get "Chow" (which by the way chow here makes Moon High School's cafeteria look like a five star restaurant) so I'm in line to get chow and I feel this hand on my shoulder and guess who it is! John PettyJohn! He is in the Army now! Any way I recognized him instantly and he obviously recognized me. We graduated Moon High School together and I haven't seen him since Jeff Halliday's Grad party! Who knew the next time I would see him would be in IRAQ! Any way we talked for a while and reflected on some of the old High School times. It was a great Morale Booster to see someone from home! Well I hope you enjoyed this little story, tell every one I said Hi!
- Semper Fi, Shawn
p.s. Moon Track and Cross Country ROCK! Go Tigers!

My name is Julie Reiff,  I'm teaching at Moon Middle School, 8th grade science, (who would have ever thought?). I graduated in 1996, went to Ohio State and graduated from there in 2000. I graduated in 2003 from Duquesne University with a Master in Education.

Class of 1995

My name is Mary(Berline) Ross, Since high school I received my associate degree in Mental Health/Mental Retardation. I am currently a stay at home mom to 2 wonderful children Victoria and Vincent. I also work part time in the evenings. My husband and I plus our children now reside in Lyndora, PA, just north of Pittsburgh. I would love to hear from anyone and everyone!

Class of 1994

Heather Lynn McNeish,, a 1994 graduate of Moon Area High School, received her bachelor's degree in communications from the University of Pittsburgh (where she was homecoming queen in 1997) and her master's degree in leadership and business ethics from Duquesne University. She worked as a teacher with the Pressley Ridge Schools at the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (for 4 years) and as a Resident Director at the University of Pittsburgh. She currently resides in Moon, with her extended family and 5 cats. She is an aspiring playwright and a local actor, who won the 2002 Pittsburgh New Works Festival "Donna Award" for Outstanding Lead Actress.
More contact information: 421 Blue Ridge Drive, Moon Township, PA 15108 - 724.457.1328

Mike Garbera, & I graduated from John Carroll University in 1998 with a double-major in marketing & logistics. I have been working at Progressive Insurance for 3 and 1/2 years, first as a Scheduler, and now as a Project Analyst in a Customer Service Call Center. Pursuing and MBA from Lake Erie College with an expected graduation date of December 2003. Currently reside in Mayfield Heights, OH.

My name is Andrea Riesmeyer.  After Moon HS, I received a BS in Political Science from Penn State, and a masters degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Richmond.  I have been living and working in Chesterfield County, Virginia, since 1999.  I would love to hear from anyone from Moon!  Email address:

Class of 1993

Hey there... My name is Christopher Smith and most of ya might not remember me. I was supposed to graduate in '93 but quit the year before and went to college a little ahead of schedule. I wouldn't recommend this approach for anyone else but it actually worked out good for me. I now work for the Department of Defense in the Defense Commissary Agency and have had quite a bit of success so far....(Far more than anyone probably ever expected!) Anyone wants to drop me a line my email is

Greeting from Dallas, Texas! This is Justine (Schuller) Gortney. I am currently living and working in the DFW area. I have received multiple contacts from classmates regarding the possibility and interest in a class reunion as this is the TEN! year mark. If you are interested or know anyone else from our class that is... please e-mail

Hi this is Suzanne M McCarey, I am a graduate of Moon Area High School.  I graduated in 1993.  I am a stay at home mother.  I just recently had a son named Jordan Thomas McCarey.  He was born on Febuary, 1 2000.  I am a proud mother.  I hope I hear from some of my old classmates.  I hope to hear from some people real soon.....

Hi, My name is Douglas Michael,  I graduated in the year of 1993.  I now live in New York City.  I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in environmental studies.  Well, basically after college, I felt I had to get out of Pittsburgh as soon as I could.  Actually, after living there for so long, I wanted to leave the entire state.  I wanted to move to a city that was more diverse (in every way).  Just a word for all of you still in High School, don't worry, it will be over soon.  When it is over, you can start living life...for real.

Class of 1992    

My name is Elizabeth (Smith) Streza, Most people would probably remember me as Beth.  It has been almost 15-years since we have graduated, and there haven't been too many years in that time that I haven't been in school.  I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Communications Management from Robert Morris University in 2002 (I went part-time for 7 years).  I am now back at RMU seeking my teaching certificate for Secondary English Education and my Master's degree for Instructional Leadership.  I have been married for 5 years, and am the mother of three beautiful children--Zachary, 4; Jacob, 3; and Caitlyn, 1.  I am also expecting my fourth child in September 2007.  I have never left the Pittsburgh area besides the occassional vacation, and currently reside in the Ross Township area.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I hope to see you at our 20th reunion.  I couldn't make the 10th as I was extremely pregnant at the time.  Take care!

My name is Tracy Orr,, and I graduated from Moon in 1992. I have been at Clarion University since then. I received a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education and Secondary Education English in May of 1998. I started graduate school at Clarion in the Fall of 1998 and will receive a Masters of Education in May 2000. Since I graduated from Moon, I have kept myself pretty busy. In the Spring of my freshman year I pledged Theta Phi Alpha sorority. I became an RA in the fall of 1994 and remained in the position until I graduated in 1998. During grad school I have been a graduate assistant in one of the residence halls on campus. I hope to find a teaching position in an elementary school when I graduate later this spring. Maybe even in the Moon school district! I would like to hear from any alum who graduated in 1992 or around there. Hearing from some old marching band buddies would be fun.

My name is Scott Howe, PITTS1974@AOL.COM, and I am a 1992 graduate of Moon High School. I currently live in suburban Maryland with my wife Nikki and teach fifth grade in the Howard County Public Schools. Eventually, we would like to call Pittsburgh home again.

Class of 1991

Hi. I'm Andrea (Ferrell) Clark and I graduated from Moon Area High School in 1991.  Since graduation I've move back to the Northwest and have been married now for over nine years and have three beautiful, active children.  My family now lives in Colorado Springs, CO where I'm an Insurance Agent for a major company and my husband is an Assistant Aquatics Director at a local High School.  My husband is also a full time student at Nazarene Bible College.  I can't believe that it's already been 15 yrs!!! I haven't been back to PA since my family moved in Feb. of 1992.  Would love any updates about future reunions.
Andrea Clark

Class of 1990

Colleen (Coleman) Riordan,, left PA for the great state of Tennessee the summer after graduation, and hasn't left!  She graduated from the U. of Tennessee in 1995 with a bachelors of architecture and worked at Ross/Fowler, P. C., an architecture and landscape architecture firm in Knoxville since graduation.  She accessed the web page because she is interested in finding out if her class will be having a 10 year reunion in 2000.   "I have completely lost contact with all the folks I graduated with, and I figured no one would know where I was to contact me with any reunion info.  Plus, she has recently undergone a name change!  She was married on June 12, 1999, to Mike Riordan, a financial advisor with American Express, "and a pretty nice fella if I do say so myself."  "I would love to hear from any of my old cronies who graduated with me in 1990."

Class of 1989

Class of 1989 Web Site -

Hi, This is Jill Schue Cuthbert from the class of 1989. We had our 10th year reunion ---What a great time it was! The site has regularly updated Alumni information. There are still people that need to be found. Come and find an old friend and sign the guest book !

Jeff Whitford
I am currently a Navy Recruiter in the Beaver County Area.  I was honored as a top recruiter from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg.  If anyone knows someone from the age of 18-34 who might be interested in the Navy drop me a line at I am also due to get married in May of 2002.  

Sean Lauritzen,, 1989 graduate, did all 12 years in Moon schools. I now live in New Cumberland, WV with my wife and 6 kids (3 boys, 3 girls), and manage the only King's restaurant outside of Pennsylvania; in Wintersville, OH. My parents still live in the same Bon Meade home since 1973.

Hi My name is Margaret Mizik,, Smith now. I have been married 4 years have two great kids. Marryssa 3 and Hunter 2. I live in Arizona now. I missed our 10th reunion. has it been that long??? I work at Discover Card Financial services in the Cardmember Service.  I don't like Arizona that much so I am moving back in 1 1/2 years.

Hi, my name is Amy Crane. (now Kozik) I graduated in 1998. My husband Tim also graduated in 1996, you may know of him.  We are currently living in NC having fun Army adventures. E-mail me: with any hello’s or reunion info.


Class of 1988

Scott Heitzenrater,  I graduated in 1988 from Moon. I attend Ohio State and received my BS in Mechanical Engineering in '93.  From there I worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for a tier one automotive supplier outside of Cleveland, OH till mid '96. When I went to work for Chrysler as a Manufacturing Engineer in Indiana.  I met my future wife there.  She was also a Chrysler transplant to Indiana.  In 1999, we both relocated with Chrysler to greater Detroit and were married.  In 2001, I moved from Advance Transmission Manufacturing to Transmission Product Engineering at DaimlerChrysler. We have had  two daughters along the way.  I received my MS in Engineering Management from Oakland University in the Spring of '07.  I left Chrysler LLC at the end of November 2007. I am now working for Gener al Mot ors in their Technical Specialist Group supporting new automatic transmission products.  We make it back to the burgh a couple times a year to visit family.
PS  Is there anything in the works for 20th reunion?

Hi!  My name is Michelle (Brokos) Palmieri.  After graduating from Moon in 1988, I attended Robert Morris College receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  After acquiring HR experience through a local technical and functional consulting firm, I decided to make HR my career and went back to school to achieve an HR Management Certificate from John Carroll University.  Additionally, I am now pursuing my Professional Human Resources (PHR) Certificate.  Currently, I am working for GameFly, Inc., which is a leading subscription-based video game rental company, as an HR Generalist.  When I’m not working, you’ll find me either at the gym or at dance practice – I am a dancer for the Pittsburgh Colts Semi- Professional Football team.  I would love to hear from any fellow alumni to catch up.  I can be reached at

Matthew Liggett -

Shannon Foley –

My name is Sherry Kraus,, formerly Sherry Erwin.  I graduated in 1988 from Moon.  I've been married now for 11 years, and I live in South Heights.  I am employed by the Beaver County Courthouse as a Court Reporter.  I have been here for the last six years.  I would like to hear from any of my former classmates.

My name is Al Peterson I live in North Dakota and work at the North Dakota State Library as a reference librarian.

My name is Shannon Gagel,, formerly Shannon Maguire.  After graduating from Moon in 1988, I went on to graduate from Kent State University in Ohio.  Although I have a certificate to teach elementary school, I have been staying at home here in Hudson, Ohio with my three kids for the past seven years.  I look forward to someday actually teaching again and thank many great Moon teachers (Miss Keppel, Mrs. West, Mrs. Honeywell) for inspiring me to do the same great job they did. 

Kim Hart Hodson,, graduated in '88, went to Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, parents moved to Florida so spent breaks there, graduated in '92 with a BA in History, tried to find work in a Museum, married in '93, to Todd, moved to South Bend, IN, got a teaching certificate and did alot of subbing til had kids, Katie 7, Scott 5. Teaching preschool now, Todd is a systems consultant in a local company that supports microsoft systems. My parents both died in '97, one in Jan, one in July. Both were huge volunteers in the school district.

Dawn Macasek Shields: Hi! I graduated with the Class of '88 and am hoping that we are still having reunions occasionally.  It would be so fun to see everyone and reconnect with friends. I'm currently living in Connecticut with my husband, Dan. We just got married this year at the beach and then had a big casual reception in Pittsburgh. I don't have any kids yet since I waited so flippin' long to get married!  :)  Dan and I have been in CT for about 2-1/2 years now. Before that I was still living in the 'Burgh working for an organization called YouthWorks. I have a Master's in Child Development from Pitt, but in 2001 I decided I wanted to do computer graphics instead, so I returned to school and acquired a Digital Design diploma from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I was working in NY in the Marketing Dept. at Kraft Foods Federal Credit Union (now Quorum) for a while when we first moved to CT, but after we bought a house, the commute became unbearable. So recently I've been doing temp work while I look for another design job. I figure we'll start trying to have a baby soon, so I haven't been very career-driven these days. :)  I don't know how many people visit this website, but I would love to hear from anyone who's interested in catching up. And please let me know if/when a reunion is being planned. Go Steelers!

Class of 1987 

Jeffrey D. Slack
4579 Lily Walk
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Home (252)937-7060

July 21, 2006.  My name is Amy (Amidon) Guthrie and I graduated in 1987.  After that I studied architecture and planning at the University of Colorado, and abroad in Copenhagen.  I went to graduate school at Boston University and got a Master's Degree in historic preservation, then a job as the historic preservation planner for the City of Aspen, Colorado, which I have done for over 13 years now.  I have been married for 9 years and have two daughters, Zoe, who is almost 6, and Tessa, who is 3 1/2.  My husband David is a contractor.  We live in a beautiful place and have a five minute trip from our house to the base of three ski mountains (Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk), and 15 minutes to Snowmass ski area.   Having kids (plus working pretty hard) has limited the skiing a bit, but we usually get out for a few hours every winter weekend, and Zoe and Tessa are both learning, sure to be faster than us in no time.  It's very expensive to live in Aspen and the lifestyle is a bit surreal sometimes.  I just came home from an evening walk with my daughter and we had to hang out for a couple minutes until a bear that was standing in the alley behind our house ran away.  Sometimes we get the same scary feeling when we see the ultra rich people who are here.  (Ha, ha.)  But there is a great community in Aspen and we feel very lucky and don't expect to leave for anywhere else.  I stay in touch with Missy Stone (going to visit her and her newborn baby in 3 weeks) and Eileen McGuire.  My email is
Greetings all. Melissa (Missy) Stone here. Hmmm, 19 years in 5 lines? Here goes.
After graduating in 1987 I went to Penn State for my Film Degree. Moved back to Pittsburgh and worked at Fox 53 and WB 22 for about 8 years. Then moved to New York for a year at ABC followed by 4 years at Oxygen. I've also done some Entertainment Reporting and Commercial work. Don't be afraid if you're in Wal Mart and see me talking to you on one of the in-store monitors. I now live in Beverly Hills; happily married to a nice boy named Colin; work as Vice President Marketing and Advertising at The Style Network; have a beautiful baby girl named Phoebe and a furry daughter named Tosca. Life is good.   I've dined with Miss Debby Kennedy here in L.A. twice now. We opted for Nicoise Salad instead of Yellow Marshmallow Peeps…but we did sing the Economics Song. Good times.
You can find me at

Hi, everyone! My name is Eileen McGuire Chaput, and I graduated from Moon High in 1987. Anyway, just wanted to send a quick update, since no one else from our class has any "News" posted. I'm married now and have a wonderful, two year old son, Ryan Christopher, and I'm expecting another boy in August. (Good thing I was a tomboy, huh?!) My husband and I live in Canton, Massachusetts, which is a suburb of Boston. We really like it up here, but I do sometimes miss Pittsburgh. (It's particularly hard during football season, when I have to choose between the Steelers and the Patriots!) Anyway, after Moon, I went on to Penn State for my bachelor's degree and then a few years later got my MBA from Babson College up here in Massachusetts. I'm now the Director of Marketing for Geerlings & Wade. We sell wine and wine accessories through the mail and on the web. It's definitely an interesting business! I still try to keep in touch with a few people from Moon, but have lost touch with many! If anyone is in the area, please feel free to look me up! Oh, my brother, Matt McGuire - class of '86, is married with one son and another on the way, too. He lives out in the San Francisco area.

Class of 1986     

Hi, this is Al Gerstel.  Briefly, I graduated from Penn State in 1990, have been married to my wife, Lynette, since '92. Currently living in Robinson Twp, with our 3 kids; Brian (almost 11), Lauren (9 1/2), and Zach (6). Working in Sales for Burch Materials. Look forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

Hi – It nice to read about what’s going on with everyone…very interesting.  My bio is below.  Looking forward to a reunion, haven’t seen anyone for years…. E-mail:
School: Bachelors University of Dayton, BS Civil Engineering / Columbia University: MBA
Lived in Boston from 1990 to 1995, then San Francisco from 1995 to 2005, Now in Newport Beach.  Married for 12 years with 3 kids (6, 2, newborn) I work as a Real Estate developer.

Hi, I'm Vida... there was only one Vida in all of Moon, so if you knew a Vida, you knew me! Vida Burnelis Married Alan back in 5/91, we have two beautiful children, a son Andrius, age 7, and a daughter Vilija, almost 4.  My son Andrius is on the Pittsburgh Aviators Mites B hockey team!!  LET'S GO ANDRIUS, #34!  :)  Vilija was born with a cleft lip and palate, so it's been quite a challenge, she's had 6 surgeries so far, isn't even 4 yet, and many more to go.  She's the most beautiful little princess!  After working for quite a few years as an optometric assistant, I became a full time SAHM a few months after Andrius was born.  I've always wondered where my Moon buddies went... so many I'd love to see again!

Hi!!  This is Laura Hunt (Tower) and I graduated in 1986.  I was wondering if anyone knew if a 20th Reunion was being planned for next year.  I’d love to attend.  My husband, David, daughter, Sydney, and I live in Ohio , about 20 minutes west of downtown Cleveland .  We still remain loyal Steelers fans and hold Sunday football parties as often as we can.  I attended Clarion University after high school and received my BS degree in Education.  David and I married in 1994.  I taught for many years until my daughter was born in 2003.  Now my job is a full time mom.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I would love to hear from anyone.  You can reach me at Hope to see a lot of you next year. 

Hey, everyone!  You may remember me as Lori Fox,, Class of 86...the quiet one who never made waves.  I've changed a bit since then, LOL, and have managed to work my way into the entertainment and sports business...After college, I worked for Showtime Networks and MTV in NYC for five years before meeting my hubby, NHL veteran- Alain Lemieux (you may know his brother's name).  I now am Vice President of his company, and also work actively as a mom to two great kids....Cullen- 7 and Kayli- 5.   I experienced a lot since high school - toured with U2 (as a guest of the band) throughout Europe in 92; planned some huge parties for Showtime and MTV with comedians and musicians; played a small roll in a Hollywood movie, and am now working on a project (novel / screenplay) that's testing my limits (and patience!).  We'll see what happens! I'd love to hear from all of you (if you remember me?!) and see what you've been up to.  Seems my invitations to the reunions have gotten "lost in the mail"!! LOL.

Elizabeth McGuire I graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Photojournalism.  I now work in the Internal Audit department of FedEx (long and boring story of how I went from photographs to audits!). I live in Oakdale, PA - all of 4 miles from the house I grew up in.
Hello!  Life has dealt me a pretty fair hand since 1986.  I attended Penn State and received a BS in Mineral Economics with a Minor in Logistics.  I have been in the distribution and traffic field for my entire career and now work as the director of distribution for a Pittsburgh retailer.  I am married with two wonderful boys, Grant 4 and Sam 2.  I enjoyed following the football team these past few years and I would love to hear from anyone in the 1986 class and catch up.

Dennis Foley

My name is Kimberly Walsh,, and I graduated from Moon in 1986. After graduation I worked in a balloon shop for a while and then attended Nursing School. I am a Registered nurse with 13 years Intensive Care experience. I still live in Moon at the same address with my three children Rebekah 13, Nikole 12 and my son Magnus 5. In March 2003 I met a wonderful Brit in Cancun. We both were attending the same wedding. When I returned, I left my job, went to visit him for one month in London, England and we will be married in October this year. He designs jewelry and will be setting up his own business here in the USA.

Kimberly Y. Donovan,,  I graduated in the class of 1986. My further education includes a BS in Accounting from Penn State University and a MS in Sustainable Systems (with emphasis in sustainable building design and permaculture) from Slippery Rock University. I live near McConnells Mill Park in Western Pennsylvania, and I work with an accounting firm in Butler. My partner Bruce and myself are building a strawbale house on our property. We have a four year old son.

Christopher E. Cross ([mailto:(]) After High School, I chose to join the Air Force instead of college, but that is OK. I started out in Target Intelligence at Strategic Air Command and can you believe they give 18 yr. olds Top Secret Clearances (Crazy Concept). In 1990, I became an Air Traffic Controller in NC and academically I started my post high school formal education. I graduated with a Business Degree from Campbell University (Summa Cum Laude) in North Carolina in 1994. After my bachelors, I continued on to get my Masters in Administration (concentration in Health Services). I also went on to get a couple of Associates in Computers just to stay ahead of the game. I have been married and had a beautiful daughter (Allison Hunter) 1995. After Air Traffic Control, I really wanted to understand finance and the market, so I became a Financial Consultant (Stock Broker). What a great and interesting career field. In 1998 I moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where I am a regional director for the largest railroad in the world. I did that to be closer to my daughter who now lives in SD.

Kelly (Mallin) Rance  ([mailto:(])   ... It was interesting reviewing this website to see what people have been up to.  I remembered all of them, I wonder if they remember me.   I graduated in 1986 from Moon and took some years off to explore and have fun before attending Robert Morris College .  I currently work for Atlantic Luggage as the Senior Forecasting Analyst.   I am married to a great guy and have four kids - Kady, 13 - Destiny, 12 - Ray Jr, 11 and Kassidy 5.   We still live in Moon and now my kids have some of the teachers I once had.  Life is pretty good these days.
Class of 1985

Hi, this is Tom Teleha ([][] ).  I would have graduated from Moon in 1985, but we moved my senior year. I have tried to keep in touch over the years with a few people who keep me informed of what's going on. I am currently in the US Navy, having enlisted in 1987 after a failed attempt at college. Spent two years on submarines before finding a real job in the Navy (serving chow, doing dishes and chipping paint wasn't my idea of continued fun). Trained as a Hospital Corpsmen and went on to advanced training in the field of Cardiovascular Medicine. I worked in and managed the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland for 12 years (and yes, believe it or not I did meet the President, as well as a lot of other big wigs). I served during Desert Shield/Storm with 3d Battalion 7th Marines in Iraq and am currently scheduled to deploy to Iraq sometime in September 2006 with 3d Battalion 4th Marines. I am married to Wendy Sullivan from Ebensburg, PA (we met in the Navy) and we have 5 children. Two from her previous marriage, one from my previous and two together. I am currently stationed at Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base in Twentynine Palms, CA (about 40 miles from Palm Springs in the Mojave Desert). To all those currently serving in our Armed Forces, may you stay safe in whatever you are doing and return home to your families and loved ones and Thank you for serving as well!
Semper Fi! OOHRAH!
Thomas M Teleha HM1(FMF/SS) US Navy
Leslie (Cross) Newsom ([]) Well, I joined the USAF after graduating in 1985 but I didn't stay too long.  I did my four years and then I got out of active duty.  After getting out of the USAF I married my husband, who was and still is in the USAF.  So it wasn't long before we headed to Japan, and then onto Hawaii, then AZ, and now we are stationed in IL.  We have 3 18yo (my step-daughter,) a 14yo, and a 12yo.  I received my Bachelor's Degree while in Hawaii and have worked for the Civil Service system for most of my years after getting out of the USAF.  I am currently working for the DoD, Defense Security Service, on the Industrial Security side of the house.  I've only been back to Moon maybe 3-4 times since I left (when I was 18) for the military, but I'm looking forward to the 20 year reunion.  I've wasn't able to make it back to any of the other reunions so I'm really hoping this one will work out.  (I have a work-related class I have to attend from 18 Aug - 18 Sep whoever is planning this one don't plan it during this timeframe!!!) ; )    
Class of 1984
This is Marci Banks Schurr ([]) checking in to see what everyone is up to. Our 20th year reunion is coming up, and I'm trying to help Charlene Walker McGeary find as many classmates as possible...Please see our reunion announcement at this site and also at[] and contact me to get me your updated info! On a personal note, Butch (class of 1982) and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this year. We have four great kids- Wil (10), Tori (7), Jake (3), and Katy (23 mo.). After having lived in New Orleans, LA; Corpus Christi, TX; Cumberland, MD and various parts of PA, and having shared many adventures along the way, we have finally settled down the road from Moon in Center Twp. PA. We are well, happy and blessed... there's not too much more to need other than that! I look forward to hearing from ya'll and seeing you soon at our reunion!
Brent Baker [] [mailto:[]
Patty Timney[]  I wanted to let everyone know about my breast cancer diagnosis last October and how I underwent a complete double mastectomy and now I'm not doing very well. The original physician messed things up pretty bad and I have to have more surgery this December. I don't care who has my address or phone number so here it is.
Patty Timney
Nashville,TN 37215
(actually, the 6 months that I was in the hospital before, the cards and notes were what kept me sane!} I was in 4 different hospitals and ended up at Vanderbilt University Hospital and I have the head of Oncologh and the head of Plastics too. I love my doctors. Just say a prayer for me, ok?
Thanks Deb,
Tino Orsini ( [mailto:(]
Class of 1983
My name is Scott Ayriss.  I graduated in 1983 and joined the military.  My family and I are now stationed in Cleveland, OH in the Coast Guard.Jeff Thompson class of 1983 you can reach me at[] I was working for United Airlines in Ca for the past 16 years lost my job. Now I am back In Pa Email me maybe we can get together.My name is Lisa Yacoviello MacBeth.  I graduated in 1983.  We had our 20 Year Class Reunion in November of 2003.  Mark Morgan did a fabulous job on the preparation of and the reunion itself.  This was my first Moon reunion to attend. I will definitely attend future reunions.  I own a Mortgage Company, Regal Financial Services.  I have been actively involved in the mortgage industry on a local and state level for twenty years and opened my own shop in 2000.  Hope to see more people at the 25 year reunion.

Reunion Chairman, Class of 1983

Mark Morgan
229 College Park Drive
Moon Township, PA 15108
Email: []
Home phone: (412) 299-0791
Class of 1982
Michael Hladik ([mailto:(]). After graduation from Moon in 1982, Mike attended Penn State and graduated in 1986. He then took a position at Hughes Aircraft in CA before joining Intel Corp. (Chandler, AZ) in 1989.
My name is Kirt Virgin and I would have graduated from Moon in 1982, but moved away after my sophomore year.  I live in Wadsworth, Ohio now and have been teaching 6th grade for the past 18 years.  I found this site and was looking for former classmates.  Still have a brother that lives in Moon, but do not get back there very often.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone that I grew up with.  My email address is[]
Class of 1981
Phyllis Roberts McCarver  [][mailto:[]
Congratulations to Doug DeNardo ( for being named one of 50 "Fast Trackers" by The Pittsburgh Business Times in their May 27, 2005, edition.  The individuals named were chosen because they "excel in both their professional careers and in their service to the community and/or charitable organizations."  Doug is an equity partner at his law firm in Pittsburgh and practice primarily in the estates and trusts and charitable consulting area.                                                                                                Darlene Taylor (Frisch)    
Tamara L. (Lasanich) Eckbreth ([mailto:(])   My husband and I married in 1982. Our daughters are Tara, who is 8 years old, and Jenna, who is 3 years old. Life is great here in sunny Florida.
Class of 1980
Raymond (Bud) Grimm ([mailto:(]) After graduating from Moon in June 1980, I served 6 1/2 years in the Army as a Helicopter crewchief and door gunner in various combat aviation units. I was stationed in Texas for 1.5 years and in Germany for 5 years. While in Germany, I traveled throughout Europe. After leaving the service in 1986, I took a position as a mechanic with Jetstream Intl Airlines in Dayton Ohio. In 1987 I moved to Atlanta Georgia to work for Delta Airlines as an Aircraft Pre-flight Inspector. I am happily married with 2 beautiful daughters that are the center of my life.
Class of 1979
Congratulations to  Terri Gregos ([]) for being named one of 50 "Fast Trackers" by The Pittsburgh
Business Times in their May 27, 2005, edition.  The individuals named were chosen because they "excel in both their professional careers and in their service to the community and/or charitable organizations." Terri is currently the assistant dean of the Katz Graduate School of Business at The University of Pittsburgh.
John Voros ([]).  I was graduated from University of Southern California with a BS in Biological Sciences. Spent two years in the Caribbean (St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, and St. Vincent) at a medical school, then attended King's College in Wilkes-Barre, PA for their Physician Assistant Program. Was graduated and moved to Baltimore for a one year fellowship in Surgery. From there, I ventured to the tundra of Wisconsin and have froze here for 12.5 years. I work in Orthopaedic Surgery. I am married for 7.5 years to Suzanne and have Hannah (4.5) and Neil (3). Our interests are skiing and golf.  We live in Marshfield, which is darn near the center of the state and in the middle of nowhere.
Class of 1978
John F Adams III  ([mailto:(]) I graduated with the likes of John Calipari, Rich Milot and Joey Frizz. Remember Mr Brockmiller, Ms Fritsche, Mr Alexander? If you remember those names then you might remember me. Since graduation, I have graduated from Penn State, worked for USAir, Delta and one of the largest Logistics companies in the world, AIT Worldwide Logistics. I now live in Cleveland, OH (unfortunately) with my wonderful wife Doreen and two rambunctious black labs (Willie & KOKI). I travel a lot 'cause Doreen works for United and it's free!! I would love to attend the next class reunion (25 years in '03, yikes!!) if anyone knows anything about that contact me at[].  I 'd love to hear from any of my class mates in the area or around the country.
Class of 1977
Bob Patterson here!   ComputerBob [][ mailto:[] ( known as Pitter in school ) I am a member of the Moon Class of ’77.  It is amazing to say that we are planning our 30 year reunion for this November 24th.  I have done many things since graduation but have never attended college.  I have done fairly well for myself despite no additional formal education.  I own and operate Up & Running Computer Services, Inc – and have done so for the past 17 years, have been active with the Airport Area Chamber of Commerce for the past 14 years ( everybody knows me as ComputerBob ), have two step daughters and am quite happy with wife number two ( 10 years now with Kathy ).  I enjoy scuba diving and flying power and stunt kites any time I can get a little time to myself.  We have 5 dogs and a cat, live in downtown Beaver, PA and we feel truly emancipated since our 18 year old was moved out in early July.  Best of luck to all of the graduates from Moon – We hope to see as many of the Class of ’77 at the reunion as possible. 
Greetings to the class of 1977 from Yvonne Turner, now Yvonne Turner Johnson[] .  I have not been in touch with anyone since graduation except John Sylvester, my debate partner at Moon with whom I spoke while he was in college or Law School in Washington, D.C.  After graduation I attended Harvard University and graduated in 1981.  I finished Howard University School of Medicine in 1987 and completed my residency in Miami, Florida in 1990.  I have been in Miami ever since practicing Emergency Medicine.  I have been married for 18 years, have a 17 year old son and 16 year old daughter.  We lost our home in Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and survived Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005.  I fondly remember Debate and Speech with Mr Sakelhyde and Ms. Fritsche, math with Mr. Brockmiller, French with Mrs. Kairys (learning to water ski on the Ohio River in summer school), Debate and Speech tournaments with John and Ralph and John and Julie and Margaret etc.  And hanging out with Tammy and the girls Basketball Team, working as the statistician.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.    Yvonne
Philip Cochran [[mailto:[]] After High School, I attended Carnegie Mellon University and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  In 1981 I was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.  I served on active Duty for twelve years; reserve duty for three.  I ended my service as a Major.  My years as a Marine included tours of duty in the Philippines, Korea, and two years as a US representative to NATO tactical communications working groups.  I attended the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and received a Masters Degree in Communications Systems Engineering.  After leaving the Marine Corps, I started a career in wireless communications.  I have been a Systems Engineer for the last ten years with Qualcomm and Ericsson.  My engineering work has taken me from the Red Square in Moscow to the Great Wall of China; from Calgary, Alberta to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've been married 18 years; my wife and I have four children, and we're currently living in San Diego, California.
Class of 1975

Debbie Ingram Sommers-Class of 1975.  Currently living in Clinton,Pa Work at Armstrong's Restaurant in Moon. Married 32yrs. 1 daughter 26 and a grandaughter 14mos. Love to hear from you

Class of 1968

Nick Katich, class of 68 (
Retired Air Force 1989

Currently working for the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System at the Highland Drive Division as Statistical Assistant in the Veterans Engineering Resource Center.

Interested in hearing from any classmates interested in having an informal dinner with our class sponsor, Mr. D’Andrea.

Class of 1967

Nancy J. Reidel -  I am now a retired Moon teacher, as well as a 1967 graduate of Moon. I recently moved to Beaver County.  It's great to be able to be a night person without a day job.  My email address is