MASD Launches Rachel's Challenge

Rachel's Challenge

During the month of October, Moon Area School District launched Rachel's Challenge throughout all seven buildings. 

Rachel's Challenge is a program that promotes kindness and respect and aims to deplete bullying and violence. The program's namesake, Rachel Scott, was the first victim in Columbine and was devoted to spreading kindness, positivity, and inclusion. 

The five challenges of the program call on students to use kind words and actions; include others; surround themselves with positive influences; create goals; and to journal.

The main pillar of the program encourages participants to spread their impact on the world through chain reactions of kindness.

Students in each building committed to accepting Rachel's Challenge and will work this year on being a positive influence for others. 

After the student presentations concluded in the District, a Rachel's Challenge parent night presentation was held on Wednesday, October 24. The presentation highlighted the purpose and goals of the program and how these messages are delivered to students in elementary, middle, and high school. 


Rachel's Challenge  Rachel's Challenge

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