MASD K-4 Summer Virtual Remediation Program Enrollment Survey

2022 Summer Learning
Dear MASD K-4 Elementary Families,
The Moon Area School District will offer currently enrolled K-4 students a virtual remediation opportunity this summer. Students will be assigned to a MASD teacher where live, virtual remediation will take place using online IXL curriculum in English/Language Arts and Math. All district students currently have access to IXL, and IXL's "Summer Boost" ELA and math skill plans will be used as an outline for summer remediation efforts.
MASD will accept enrollment requests through Monday, May 23, 2022.
Click here to submit an enrollment request for your child.
While the district will offer virtual teacher support to GR K-4 students, any K-11 student can access IXL's "Summer Boost" skill plans and work independently this summer. It is important to note that a student will complete content for the grade or course that they will be entering for 2022-23. For example, a student currently completing Grade 4 should complete a Grade 5 IXL "Summer Boost" skill plan. Likewise, Grade 10 students should complete a Grade 11 IXL "Summer Boost" skill plan. High school students also have access to Keystone Exam, SAT, and ACT skill plans in IXL.
The live, virtual learning program will be supported by MASD teachers from 9AM-11AM Monday through Thursday during four weeks in June/July (dates listed below). There will be no cost for students, and students will work remotely from home. It is the district's intention for students to use a personal computer or device for summer remediation; however, families will be able to borrow a district-owned device, if needed. Minimum requirements for home computers/devices include simple typing capabilities along with Internet access. Ideally, the computer/device will have camera access as well.
Consider this survey as your child's enrollment form, and families will receive a confirmation email within a few days after registering. You may enroll more than one child through this survey, or you can complete multiple surveys. The district asks that enrolled students virtually attend the entire four-week program as content will build throughout the timeframe provided. However, MASD recognizes that families may take a summer vacation, and vacations are acceptable absences. MASD simply wants to discourage inconsistent attendance throughout the program for continuity of planning. Due to the virtual format of the remediation program, students can join virtual remediation sessions from any location as long as they have Internet access, and they can complete curriculum independently too.
MASD's K-4 remote summer remediation program will be held remotely dates/times:
  • June 20 - June 23 (Monday - Thursday, 9AM-11AM)
  • June 27 - June 30 (Monday - Thursday, 9AM-11AM)
    *There will be no remediation program taking place the week of July 4th.
  • July 11 - July 14 (Monday - Thursday, 9AM-11AM)
  • July 18 - July 21 (Monday - Thursday, 9AM-11AM)
The K-4 summer program will emphasize remediation efforts in English/Language Arts and Mathematics. In the IXL "Summer Boost" skill plan, a student leaving Grade 4 will complete Grade 5 IXL curriculum as a "Boost" into Grade 5. This program is not intended for credit recovery, and credits will not be issued towards grade promotion.  
*MASD's summer remediation program is open to all students currently enrolled in grades K-4; however, this program will NOT replace MASD's annual Extended School Year (ESY) services for qualifying special education students. As communicated in previous years, those families with a qualifying ESY student receive direct notification and ESY details from MASD's special education department. ESY students may participate in the summer remediation program on days when ESY is not in session; however, please communicate this desire with MASD admin by identifying that your student would like to dual enroll in ESY and summer remediation on the last "open ended" item on the survey for planning purposes. 
Please let me know if you have any individual questions,
Jeff Beltz
Assistant Superintendent
Moon Area School District

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