Contract - Superintendent of Schools

2013-2017 Superintendent's Contract.pdf
Addendum (approved Nov. 2, 2015)

Under the Pennsylvania School Code, school districts are required to develop mutually-agreed upon objective performance standards and post them on the district’s website. The Moon Area School District Board of Education and Superintendent Curt Baker have mutually agreed upon the objective performance standards listed below:

  • Student Growth and Achievement
  • Organizational Leadership
  • District Operations and Financial Management
  • Communication and Community Relations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Professionalism

At the conclusion of the evaluation cycle, the district must publish a statement on the district’s website as to whether the superintendent met the objective performance standards. 

Contract - MEA Professional Agreement

Professional employees and temporary professional employees must have an employment contract that is in conformance with the School Code. The contract shall specify those matters contained in statute for professional and temporary professional employees. For part-time employees of a professional category the contract or Board resolution shall be in accordance with the board policy.

The contract or resolution shall include: 

  1. The beginning compensation.
  2. Term of employment and work period for which compensation will be paid.
  3. A statement of fringe benefits entitlement.

Following is the 2016-2021 MEA Professional Contract:

2016-2021 MEA Professional Agreement

The Moon Area School Board and the Moon Education Association, which represents the district’s more than 300 teachers, reached a partial agreement that settles financial issues, including salary and benefits, as well as several other items. Both parties approved the agreement on August 22, 2016.  read more

Contract - MAESPA 

The Moon Area School District Board of Education recognizes the Moon Area Education Support Personnel Association, ESPA/PSEA/NEA, as the exclusive and sole representative for all employees included in the bargaining unit as certified and determined by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board.

Following is the 2014-2021 MAESP Support Professional Contract:

2014-2021 MAESP Support Professional Agreement.pdf


Contract - M.A.A.A.

The Moon Area School District Board of Education and the Moon Area Administrative Association (M.A.A.A.) recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective Administrative Leadership Management Team for the purpose of advancing the total educational program of the district.  

Following is the 2011-2016 M.A.A.A. Administrative Association Contract:

2011-2016 M.A.A.A. Administrative Compensation Agreement.pdf