SafeStopMoon Area School District will be participating in a third-party mobile app called SafeStop. SafeStop works in coordination with our bus company, Student Transportation of America (STA). The GPS systems installed in each bus allow the app to track your student’s bus route in real-time with 30-second refresh updates.

During these first two weeks with SafeStop, please be aware that times may be a minute or two off.

We are excited to offer this feature to our families.

Get started:

  • Register with SafeStop at
    • Username: your home email
    • Password: create a password
  • Use your student’s ID number to view their route
  • Download the SafeStop App on your mobile device or tablet to view routes or log into

Need Help?

Due to the unique nature of using a third-party app, we have no control over technical difficulties, lost passwords, or glitches that may arise while using the app. For questions or help regarding the app, please email or call (800) 843-8936.


Useful Documents