Moon Cyber Education Program

Michael Muraco
Moon Area High School
8353 University Drive
Moon Township, PA 15108

412-264-9440 ext. 2000

Moon Area School District launched the Moon Cyber Education Program (MCEP) in 2016 and is housed in the high school and provide students the flexibility, curriculum, and classroom support they need in order to succeed.


Moon Area School District (MASD) faculty teach the online courses. Students will receive feedback, assistance, and clarification on coursework. Teachers are trained not only in their subject areas, but also in the cyber software, PLATO. MASD currently has access to approximately 105 courses from the software provider. 

Students enrolled in MCEP will be provided a laptop to complete their coursework. Students who complete their studies through MCEP will also have the benefit of receiving a Moon Area School District diploma upon graduation. 

In addition, a full-time MCEP coordinator oversees the program and act as a useful resource for cyber students. 


Each Student is different. With MCEP, students can find an instruction plan that best suits their needs. MCEP provides the following options to accommodate the modern student:

Full-Time Cyber: In full-time cyber, students have the ability to learn, work, and test from home.

Full-Time Attending: For those who wish to pursue a cyber education method but find themselves more productive attending school regularly, students can participate in the full-time attending option. In this option, students will complete all online coursework in the high school each day. 

Blended Learning: Students that prefer cyber education for core classes but also wish to attend the high school regularly can elect the blended learning option. 


MCEP provides exceptional instruction to students in the core academic disciplines such as mathematics, science, English/language arts, and social studies. Elective courses are available to students through participation in the mainstream classrooms in the high school. 


For anyone interested in attending MCEP or would like to know more about the differences between online charter schools and Moon's program, please contact the high school office at 412-264-9440 x2000.