A Message from Mr. Balaski: 6/3/2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,  


2020 has proven to be a year of living history. May we all find the strength and courage to be ambassadors of kindness and peace in these trying times.  

At Moon Area School District, we strive to encourage and promote diversity, peace, and equity as a community. With the recent adoption of the Rachel’s Challenge program and the implementation of the #ChooseKind initiative, we continue to foster a sense of community and inclusion throughout our schools.  

We continue to support our students’ and staff’s rights to peacefully and respectfully advocate for worthy causes and social justice. From our youngest learners to our high school seniors, we continue to promote, recognize, and reinforce positive behavior and kindness within our schools. As a Moon Area family, we continue to band together as a united force to promote both equity and freedom.  

While we have established several clubs and organizations throughout the District over the years to promote inclusion and diversity, we know that there is more work to be done. We continue to prepare our schools and curriculum for quality education, regardless of how we return this fall. Last year, we began to develop several new programs that focus on cultural awareness and education, which will be implemented this fall and in the coming years. We are committed to making every family, student, employee, and guest feel safe and welcome on our campus, at our events, and within the community.  

We believe in our ability as a community to unite in creating a more peaceful and inclusive world.  





Mr. Barry Balaski 

Acting Superintendent 

Moon Area School District 

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