Inspired by Professional Development, MAHS Classrooms Collaborate to Offer Educational App to Preschool Students

HS Collab

Mr. Palumbo’s AP Computer Science Principles students and Mrs. Ludwig’s Child Development third period classes recently partnered to create educational applications for our Moon Area preschool students.

The preschool students had a blast playing the Sesame Street-themed games that the AP Computer students developed in under one week using the App Lab, a JavaScript based programming environment included in Code.Org curriculum. 

The Child Development students provided the AP Computer Science students with important insight related to the preschool students’ abilities, experiences, and skill sets in order to design games that were both fun and educational. 

Before the school year began, Moon Area High School teachers took part in professional development that emphasized collaboration between colleagues to design lessons that span the curriculum and utilize resources throughout the entire building. 

Mr. Palumbo and Mrs. Ludwig saw an opportunity to bring a real-world challenge into their classrooms.  For Mr. Palumbo’s students, this was the culmination of the programming topics and skills they have been acquiring since the beginning of the year. 

This was also an opportunity for AP Computer Science Principles students to create a mock application with a real-world purpose and audience. For Mrs. Ludwig’s class, this was a chance to take their knowledge of the preschool students to evaluate age-appropriate computer applications in order to prepare our future learners for innovative classroom activities within Moon Area School District. 


HS Collaboration  HS Collaboration  HS Collaboration

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