Sophomore STEAM Competition Team 2019

On March 8, 2019, two teams of students from the high school competed in the 4th Annual STEAM Competition held at Shaler High School. 

This year’s competition and activities were inspired by Jurassic Park. Students were challenged with the task of building a glider and launching unit using their ingenuity, creativity, and any materials they could scrape together. 

Their gliders were tested for distance, accuracy of delivery, and aerial maneuvers. Student teams designed and built their launchers off-site and brought them to the competition. On competition day, students launched their gliders as well as completing three other group challenges. These challenges included the construction of bridges, computer programming, and the creation of an original story and artwork. 

The sophomore team, which consists of Adam Sacherich, Tommy Molnar, Robbie Martin, Joe Messner and Ashraf Ibraheem, designed and built a launch device. Their machine launched their glider by using the spinning motion of two discs in opposite directions to propel it forward. The team was awarded second-place for the glider/launcher portion of the competition.

Members of the senior team included Claire Daugherty, Alex Estright, Rylan Sergi, Colby Camardese, and Samantha Truzzi. This was the fourth year that this group of students competed as a team. The MAHS seniors were the only team to completed since the competition’s inception in 2015-2016. 


Senior STEAM Competition Team

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