Students Create Homecoming Carnival Flyer

Homecoming Carnival

The students in Mrs. Lombardo’s and Mrs. Collage’s classrooms worked together to help create a communication plan to promote upcoming MASD events, such as the Homecoming Carnival.

After the teachers received information regarding spirit week, the homecoming parade, carnival, and dance, they gave their students several different “assignments” to communicate this information in a variety of ways. Students had to creating posters, PowerPoint slides, intercom announcements, sending emails, making phone calls and helping around the school with tasks like passing out posters, tickets, etc.

The goal of this project was for students who receive speech therapy to use their communication skills in a variety of functional ways to communicate with faculty, staff, peers, and even the community.

For this particular assignment, the students had to identify the most important details to add to the poster to share about the carnival, when it is taking place, and where.  The students also picked the design and helped send emails to find more information.  Each student worked on their communication goal and together completed the assignment!

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