Drama Club Students Meet with Professional Actors

bright star

Students in the Drama Club recently had a fun surprise at the spring musical information session.

Mr. Rob Michael, English Teacher and Theatre Director, arranged a special opportunity for the students who are interested in auditioning for the spring musical, BRIGHT STAR. Two professional actors from the Original Broadway Cast of BRIGHT STAR joined students on the virtual meeting to talk about their experiences with the show that they created from scratch!

Hannah Elless and A.J. Shively played opposite each other on Broadway as Margo Crawford and Billy Cane. They spoke to the students about tackling this very complex material, the importance of hard work, and above all else, enjoying their time with the production.

The actors also shared some BRIGHT STAR Broadway secrets, such as "Asheville" almost being cut from the show, having fun with other cast members by putting their baby pictures in the file folders on stage, and the comedic genius of Steve Martin. They even talked about their performance on the Tony Awards on CBS!

“One of my goals for the students of the Drama Club is to branch outside of these walls and connect with other artists who make a living by acting professionally,” explained Mr. Michael. “It really doesn't get more authentic than discussing the spring musical with two people who had a hand in creating it!” 

A very special thank you to Hannah Elless and A.J. Shively for taking the time to talk to our students!

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