MAHS Students Participate in "Feel the Power" Event

Jon Pritikin lifts students

Moon Area High School students had the opportunity to participate in Mr. Jon Pritikin’s “Feel the Power” event on April 22. Seniors were able to attend in person, while grades 9-11 watched remotely.

Feel the Power is a nonprofit speaking event program for children and young adults that positively motivates them to make the kind of important daily choices that affirm the value they place in themselves and others.

The event features Mr. Pritikin, who is considered one of the world’s strongest men. He has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for conducting several feats of strength.

“Feel the Power” is an interactive program that engages, entertains and inspires students to be respectful and recognize that everyone has a purpose regardless of their differences.

The assembly was sponsored by the National Character Education Foundation and the office of Pennsylvania State Senator Devlin Robinson and Representative Valerie Gaydos.

Jon Pritikin Assembly Jon Pritikin raises his arms. Jon Pritikin bends metal with his knee. Jon Pritikin talks to a student. Jon Pritikin bends metal using his mouth and arms. Jon Pritikin lifts two students. Jon Pritikin talks to student. From left to right. 
MaggieMcCauley, Constituent outreach specialist for Devlin Robinson, Jon Pritikin, Valerie Gaydos, Barry Balaski, Dave Gallup

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