MAHS Drama Students Participate in Master Class with Drew Seeley!

Dew Seeley

Moon Area High School Drama Club students and a unique learning opportunity as they prepared for their upcoming production, “High School Musical.” Drew Seeley stopped by to teach a master class at Moon Area High School on August 26!  

Mr. Seeley held a Q&A session about his experience on Broadway and television. Students enjoyed hearing about his experience working on “Pitch Perfect” and “Another Cinderella Story.” Mr. Seeley also talked about how his singing voice was used in the original “High School Musical” movie. He even went on a world tour as Troy Bolton with stage adaptation of High School Musical, where he was performing for crowds of about 50,000-75,000 people.  

Mr. Seeley also spent time helping each student practice their audition material. He even sang with a few of the students, took individual photos with the entire class and gave each student a signed headshot.  

“This experience absolutely beneficial,” said Mr. Robert Michael, Theatre Producer and Director. “It is not every day that students get to work directly with a writer and actor of the show they are about to embark on!”  

Thank you to Mr. Seeley for taking the time to visit Moon Area High School!  

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