MAHS Compete at National Academic Games

Academic Games
Moon Area School District students who qualified for the National Academic Games traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee April 21-26 to compete. The students qualified for the national competition at local Academic Games tournaments in our Western PA Academic Games League throughout the school year. 
The following students competed and placed at the National Academic Games.
Team Awards 
  • Subham Sahoo and Thomas Schmitz - 3rd place Senior Division Propaganda team
  • Ria Khazanchi, Meghan D'Aniello and Krushna Bhanushali - 2nd place Junior Division Theme (The Gilded Age) team
  • Ria Khazanchi and Aarav Surapaneni - 3rd place Junior Division Current Events team
  • Ria Khazanchi and Meghan D'Aniello - 3rd place Junior Propaganda team
  • Thomas Schmitz - 4th place Senior Division Theme (The Gilded Age) team
  • Nico Schmitz - 4th place Junior Division Theme (The Gilded Age) team
  • Savannah Ellis - 4th place Junior Division Current Events
  • Samarth Mandani - 6th place Middle Division Propaganda
Individual Top 10 Awards
  • Meghan D'Aniello - 2nd place Junior Division Theme (The Gilded Age) 
  • Meghan D'Aniello - 4th place Junior Propaganda
  • Krushna Bhanushali - 5th place Junior Division Theme (The Gilded Age) 
  • Ria Khazanchi - 7th place Junior Propaganda
  • Ria Khazanchi - 7th place Junior Current Events


Congratulations to all of these students! And, thank you to the team sponsors, Mrs. Gariti and Mrs. Spinelli, for traveling with the team to Nashville and supporting the students!

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