Moon Rotary Third Grade Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

There is a buzz in the air about the annual Moon Rotary/ Moon Area School District Third Grade Spelling Bee!

Congratulations to the following students who earned the role of Spelling Bee Homeroom Representatives and Alternates for the huge event held at Moon Area Middle School. 

Allard Elementary

Delaney Miller, Homeroom Representative
Owen Edgar, Homeroom Representative
Brooks Kirschner, Alternate
Asad Gouri, Homeroom Representative
Musa Touray, Homeroom Representative


Bon Meade Elementary

Lily Chieffe, Homeroom Representative
Brennan Tokonitz, Homeroom Representative
Zack Andrews, Homeroom Representative
Geno Columbus, Homeroom Representative
Abdurrahman Hamed, Homeroom Representative
Colbie Evans, Alternate
Olivia Zaffino, Homeroom Representative
Marie Faherty, Homeroom Representative
Cole Kaufman, Alternate
Alex James, Homeroom Representative
Jackson Diecks, Homeroom Representative
Ashwin Anit, Alternate
Mila Poth, Homeroom Representative
Reese Altmeyer, Homeroom Representative
Zoey Merten, Alternate


Brooks Elementary

Emrik Hillwig, Homeroom Representative
Grant Eubanks, Homeroom Representative
Jessica Klotz, Alternate
Zooey Emmerling, Homeroom Representative
Hope Brenan, Homeroom Representative
Abigail Kleifgen, Alternate
Eva Ream, Homeroom Representative
Mila Orie, Homeroom Representative
Addison Athanas, Alternate


Hyde Elementary

Ephratah Seleshi, Homeroom Representative
Evelyn Gott, Homeroom Representative
Kaylee Shirey, Alternate
Ben Shaver, Homeroom Representative
Julia Weiler, Homeroom Representative
Quinn Werling, Alternate


McCormick Elementary

Joshua Hargenrader, Homeroom Representative
Navya Lodha, Homeroom Representative
Jace Rosensteel, Alternate
Gabriella Ciamacco, Homeroom Representative
Carter Laughlin, Homeroom Representative
Vihaan Singh, Alternate


A very special congratulations to our first, second and third place winners.

First Place Winner - Marie Faherty
Second Place Winner - Navya Lodha
Third Place Winner - Gabriella Ciamacco

For decades, the Moon Rotary has partnered with local school districts and supplied all third grade students with dictionaries that are used regularly in the classroom. During the 2013-2014 school year, Moon Rotarian, Andy Keppel and MASD K-5 Gifted Education (“Challenge”) teacher, Sharon Gaitens, teamed up to add the Spelling Bee to the annual event!

“We are grateful for the generosity of the Moon Rotary to provide the trophies and gift cards for our first ($100), second ($75), and third ($50) place winners," said Mrs. Gaitens. "All third grade students also receive a professional certificate for taking the qualifying test."

The morning begins with parents and family of the Spelling Bee Homeroom Representatives and Alternates, as well as the elementary principals seated in the Moon Area Middle School Auditorium to cheer each of the third-grade classrooms as they arrive.  The high energy event has music playing during the welcome, absolute silence as the word is given to the contestant, and then children waving signs and cheering for the homeroom representatives as they spell a word correctly.

"The students look forward to the event with great enthusiasm and benefit from this experience,” said Mrs. Gaitens. “This is just another example of the work the Moon Rotary does for our community.”

Elementary guidance counselors, Greg Christian, Amanda Sprinak, and Neil Tkatch serve as annual judges for the Spelling Bee. 

“This is a fantastic event for the students," said Mr. Keppel, whose own three children have gone through the Moon Area School District. "I am proud to support such an exciting educational opportunity!”

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the annual Spelling Bee. Great job!



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