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Dear MASD Families,

I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and relaxing summer.

MASD is concluding our virtual summer remediation program with teacher support next week; however, I am sending this communication to inform families of free remediation options available through the district’s subscription of IXL, an online resource supporting Grades K-12.  None of the following items are required.  These are merely options for families seeking additional academic support this summer and beyond.  All district students entering Grades 1-12 currently have access to IXL.  Kindergarten students will gain initial access upon arrival at school.  Students can access IXL for independent, online practice through their regular Clever login portal (directions below).  IXL is an app available within a student’s Clever account.  Go through Clever to access the IXL app and follow the pathway to IXL Skill Plans (Items 1-5 below) once in the IXL app.

Click to learn more about Clever and login.

Samples of available online IXL content resources are noted below, but students can access more than items listed.  Item 1 is the IXL content being used in summer remediation.  IXL is actively creating brief instructional videos to assist with online lessons, and the initial emphasis has been in Math content.  Lessons that do contain a brief instructional video will have a “Watch a Tutorial” link at the top of each lesson.

1.) IXL “Summer Boost Math and/or ELA" curriculum for the grade that students will enter in 2022-23.  Twenty lessons are available in IXL’s “Summer Boost” ELA and Math plans.

IXL > Learning > Skill Plans > Subject "All Subjects", "Grade" > IXL Summer Boost ELA and/or Math (Select 2022-23 grade level in Boost skill plans).  A student who completed GR 3 and is entering GR 4 in 2022-23 should complete Summer Boost ELA/Math GR 4 content.

2.) IXL assisting skill curriculum (20 Days of activities): 

IXL > Learning > Skill Plans > Subject "All Subjects", "Grade" > IXL Summer Adventures (20 Days of activities).

3.) Other K-8 MASD text resources for consideration now and during the school year:  Recently adopted MASD textbook skill plans are also accessible in the IXL Skill Plan section and will be used in connection with regular classroom instruction.  While in the Skill Plan section, scroll down to view:

A.)  Math: enVision Mathematics K-7 (Orange Robot w/ Dog on cover) and select the appropriate grade-level content and lessons.

B.)  ELA: Wonders 2020 K-6 (Waterfall on cover) and select the appropriate grade-level content and lessons.

C.)  ELA: SpringBoard ELA 2021 GR 7-8 (White/Blue cover) to select the appropriate grade-level content and lessons.

*These are current MASD texts, so use actual grade levels when reviewing.

4.) IXL makes "recommendations" for individual students (GR K-12) as well.  The software identifies skill development areas for each student based on completed IXL tasks throughout the year.  Each student has different "recommendations" on their home page.  Once logged in to IXL, scroll down the main screen to view recommendations for skill building exercises.  Since these are identified areas of need, students may need some assisting instruction to complete these tasks.  Look for a possible “Watch a Tutorial” link in Math lessons to assist!

5.) IXL provides skill plans for a variety of high school ELA and Math courses too.  However, please take note of the standardized test skill plans for SAT, ACT, and two Keystone Exams which may have added value for individual high school students.  These plans are positioned at the very bottom of the IXL Skill Plan page.

Since students already have IXL access, they can complete content at any time.  No sign-up is required.  However, if your student is unable to sign-in to Clever and/or access IXL this summer, please complete the “help” form below for assistance.  Otherwise, students will be assisted by teachers and the technology department upon returning to school.

Thank you and enjoy the summer!


Jeffrey R. Beltz, MBA, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Moon Area School District




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