5th Graders Host Live "Wax Museum" to Learn About World Explorers

2019 Wax Museum Project

Moon Area Middle School students on the Falcons, Monkeys, Penguins, and Lions teams created a live "wax museum" of the famous explorers they studied in class. 

The middle school's "wax museum" concept is a spin off of Madame MarieTussauds wax museums, which feature lifelike depictions of history-makers. 

Students collaborated in groups of four and were each assigned a role to convey the story of each explorer. Students had to stand as still as a statue until a visitor approached and asked to learn about their character. After explaining the significance of the explorer, students had to return to their "statue pose" until the next visitor approached.

Each student crafted their character's story in their English language arts classes. 

The 5th graders were also responsible for creating their own costumes and props to visually display the era, geography, culture, and setting of their story. Through the combination of biographies and props, each student brought their explorer's journey and challenges to life. 

The project challenged students to apply English language arts skills, social studies knowledge, and public speaking skills to make their project a success.

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Wax Museum Project 2019  Wax Museum Project 2019  Wax Museum 2019

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