5th Graders Participate in Second Annual Gone Marbles STEAM Lab

2019 Marbles Challenge

The 5th grade students and teachers at Moon Area Middle School teamed up with the Tech Ed Department to participate in a STEAM Lab that challenged students to use their "marbles" to apply concepts from 5th grade math, science, and technology education. 

In science class, 5th graders have been learning about the fundamentals of gravity, air resistance, force, motion, and kinetic and potential energy. This May, students put their knowledge to the test during the “Gone Marbles” STEAM lab.   

Students were recently tasked with creating a contraption with a goal of having a marble to travel through a series of obstacles and reaching the end in as close to 60 seconds as possible. The project was inspired by The James Dyson Foundation Marble Run Engineering Challenge.

In order to complete the challenge, students needed to team up and use the skills they learned in class to create obstacles for the marble to travel through in order to slow its speed. Obstacle examples could include funnels, sand paper, ripples, or ramps. 

This is the second year students have participated in this Lower House STEAM project. 




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