Brooks Elementary and Cornell Elementary Swap Classrooms for Remake Learning Days


Moon Area School District (MASD) and Cornell School District (CSD) partnered to swap classrooms and lessons in anticipation of Remake Learning Days, which begins today, May 9, 2019.

Many different hands-on learning events are available throughout the region for educators, students, and families to enjoy during Remake Learning Days. These "open house" style events feature STEM, STEAM, maker, and art exhibits from students and educators. 

Several school districts in the area participated in swapping classrooms with a partner school to experience new STEAM activities that take place in another district. Ms. Guzek’s 4th graders at Brooks went to Cornell to learn a lesson on how to code Sphero, a spherical robot that can traverse a course coded by the students on a tablet application.

At Brooks, Cornell students worked with Photon, a robot that uses coding to follow a set of commands. Photon has range, audio, surface, light, and touch sensors to have a more interactive experience with students as they learn to code.

After students completed the STEM/STEAM activities, they headed to the Carnegie Museum of Art to participate in a design challenge along with various schools from the area.

Afterwards, students returned to their respective schools and completed the day.


Cornell Elementary Students Programming Photon  Brooks Students Programming Sphero  Cornell Students Programming Photon

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