Hyde 3rd Grade Students have a 'Latte' Fun During StarBOOKs Book Tasting

Latte Fun

Mrs. Weigel, 3rd grade Language Arts Teacher at Hyde Elementary School, transformed her classroom into a StarBOOKs Cafe, complete with hot chocolate and pastries. At the StarBOOKs Cafe, students sampled various genres of literature during their "book tasting."

Thanks to the generous donation from the Moon Township Starbucks, the head Barista, Mrs. Weigel, was given an official apron and cups for the students, which helped create the setting of a real cafe. 

"The goal of this project is to expose the students to several different genres and explore newly purchased books while instilling an excitement about reading," said Weigel.

The students worked in groups and rotated through five different genre stations: informational text, fiction, folktales, biography, and graphic novels. 

Students spent 15 minutes exploring each genre, “tasting” their books. Students explored the cover, read a few pages, and filled out their StarBooks Book Tasting Menu.  

At the end of the tasting, students had a "book talk" and discussed the new genres they tried and what interested them. Students will also be completing book reports on their favorite book, as well.  

Mrs. Weigel plans to incorporate more book tastings into her classroom to help provide students the time to sample new literature and foster a love of reading!


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Latte Fun  Latte Fun  Latte Fun

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