Information Regarding Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


Although there are no known viruses of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19 virus) in Pennsylvania, we wanted to share with you information and guidance that we have recently learned. Moon Area School District is closely watching the progression of this novel virus, and participated in a recommended phone conference with the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) today, February 28, 2020.

As with the spread of any virus, Moon Area School District is dedicated to keeping our schools clean and preventing outbreaks of viruses through disinfection as well as encouraging proper hygiene and cough etiquette. Officials recommend following similar precautions and best practices as with influenza.

Household disinfectants will be useful in combating the COVID-19 virus as it is a fragile virus. It is important to cough into your elbow to avoid the spread of mucus. We encourage all students and staff to stay home if you are experiencing a fever. Hands should be washed frequently throughout the day, especially after coughing, after sneezing, and before eating a meal. Avoid touching your face, eyes, and mouth prior to washing hands. It is also recommended to frequently clean highly touched surfaces. Face masks are not recommended for the general public at this time.

During our call, we have also learned that the virus is not prevalent in children under the age of 15; however, we will take all necessary precautions for all students K-12. We encourage all families who have traveled or plan to travel to check the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website prior to traveling to a country with confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Please seek medical attention if you or your child have visited an affected country and are experiencing a fever with respiratory systems. In the event that you or your child have taken a test for COVID-19, do not report to the school until the test results have been communicated to you.

We will continue to keep our students and staff informed as we continue to learn more about the COVID-19 virus.

For more information and guidance on the COVID-19 virus, please visit:

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