MAMS Classroom Receives Donations to Implement Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating

Mrs. Tolliver-Lehman and Mrs. Kristin Baumgardner’s classroom in the Moon Area Middle School (MAMS) received an unconventional furniture update in early 2019 thanks to generous local sponsors.

Mrs. Lehman and Mrs. Baumgardner set out in the fall of 2018 to gather sponsorships from local businesses and individuals to support an initiative that would give students the comfort to embrace the classroom environment while learning.

Flexible seating options include bean bag chairs, high-top tables, exercise balance cushions for chairs, active stools that allow for movement while sitting, and bungee chairs among others. (Click here to view more photos.)

MAMS parent and local realtor, Jeni Drass, was a prominent donor in making this modern classroom seating concept a reality.

“Helping people find a community they can truly call home is what my job is all about,” said Drass. “School is like a second home to our kids, so when Mrs. Tolliver shared her idea and the benefits of flexible seating in the classroom, I didn’t hesitate to help make it happen!”  

Students reacted enthusiastically to the flexible seating options. One of Mrs. Lehman’s student, Dylan said, “When I am in a typical chair, I become more uncomfortable and want to move around,” he said. “I am able to focus better with the new seating. It’s more comfortable and I can work easier.”

Another student, Nick, commented that he feels less anxious when he can move. Vince said that it is nice to be able to stand during class at the high-top table.

Flexible Seating Classroom“I’m proud to have been able to sponsor this fundraiser and extremely thankful for the immediate support we received from our community,” Drass said.

Drass was able to visit the classroom and see the flexible seating in action. Students welcomed her with a sign to her and other donors for contributing to their new seating.

Other sponsors include:

  • Penny Mowery
  • Mary & Ted Fowler
  • Ben Lehman
  • Marcia Lehman
  • Sara Peduzzi
  • Jeanne Kessler-Harris
  • Marcie Killmeyer
  • Mary Frances
  • Barbara Kelley
  • Dana Maule
  • Rebecca McCue
  • Maureen BeuchertActive Flexible Seating Chair
  • Casey Reinig
  • Beckie Tobin
  • Alicia Genco
  • Mandy Gopal
  • Julie Tobin
  • Randal Ord
  • Crystal Evans
  • Debi Oswald
  • Teresa Gallagher
  • Lynn Franchick
  • Amy Schultz
  • Bethany Swisher
  • Susan MacFarland
  • Stacey Hays


Thank you to all of our generous sponsors!

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