MAMS Hosts 2019 Lower House Health and Wellness Day

Wellness Activity

Students in 5th and 6th grades in the Lower House participated in the third-annual Health and Wellness Day on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. 

Fifth and sixth grade class sponsors, Amy Hepak and Autumn Cairns, led their colleagues and students through various health and wellness activities and experiences created to educate, strengthen, and enhance student awareness of all aspects of being healthy and staying active. 

The day began with expert speakers Tara McSwigan, physician assistant speaking on ways to stay healthy, followed by wellness expert, Casey Reinig, who spoke on stress management. 

Students later broke into smaller groups with their respective teachers who led them through a self-reflecting "wellness wheel" activities where they were able to see how well they are balancing their physical, financial, emotional, social, and intellectual health. The activity parked an in-depth look and reflection on various areas in their own life.  Students were able to share and discuss aspects of health and wellness with their classmates. 

Afterwards, students moved through a series of six fitness stations led by various community fitness venues. Sewickley Valley YMCA held a boot camp, medication, and team game station. Adam Cross and his 3 Minute Fitness team led the students through a station while Casey Reinig from Soul Shine Yoga led students through various exercises and raffled off free class coupons and yoga mats for interested students.  Moon Area School District School Resource Officer, Angela Zane, led the students through a program which discussed drugs and alcohol abuse. Officer Zane was also able to demonstrate the effects of drugs and alcohol on driving through the use of goggle simulation.

“We are always amazed at how open the students are to learning, sharing, and trying new things on days like this,” said Cairns who co-led the event with teacher, Amy Hepak. “It is was such a joy seeing the students outside of the classroom exercising, having fun, and socializing with their friends, “ added Hepak. 

Cairns and Hepak expressed their gratitude to the various community members who came to speak with students and also promoted physical activity along with their fellow middle school staff members who helped keep the students stay safe, active, engaged throughout the action-packed day.


Lowe House Health and Wellness Day 2019

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