McCormick Students Participate in Project Lead the Way

PLTW 2019

McCormick 3rd graders recently participated in Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a non-profit organization that offers STEM/STEAM activities for learning enrichment in grades K-12. 

In this lesson, students explored forces at work all around us and learned about pushes and pulls, resistance forces, gravity, and friction.  

On iPads, students explored, designed, and sketched, both simple and compound machines that demonstrated the use of these forces. The 3rd graders were then presented with a realistic problem that was solvable by building a lever. 

Students used various building materials such as axles, wheels, and weights to construct levers unique to their own design. They tested the efficiency of their levers and modified their designs accordingly.  

As students worked through this module on stability and motion, they engaged in hands-on experiences and used a step-by-step process to solve problems.

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