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Service Legacy Award

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Moon Area School District is fortunate to have had many dedicated faculty, staff and volunteers who have made a positive impact on students and our schools. Moon Area School District's Service Legacy Award honors these outstanding individuals and recognizes their commitment to serving our school community.

Do you know of an individual who has inspired excellence at Moon Area School District? Use the link below to nominate him or her for the Service Legacy Award today! Although this award is focused on recognizing retired individuals, you may also nominate current faculty and staff members who have gone above and beyond to serve our school community and make a lasting impact. Nominations for 2024 are due by June 30, 2024.


Congratulations to Our Award Winners

Visit the Service Legacy Award Recipient page to see current and previous award winners.


Purpose and Philosophy 

The purpose of the Service Legacy Award is to recognize Moon Area School District employees who have created a significant, positive impact on students.  The Service Legacy Award does more than honor its recipients – it illustrates the value of Moon Area School District's academic programs and student involvement, while personifying the tradition of pride held by current and former students, staff, and faculty. The award recognizes those men and women who demonstrated the power of the Tiger experience to their students. 


Service Legacy Award Nominations (Round One)

Nominations will be accepted for a Service Legacy Award by any individual; however, self-nominations will not be permissible.

Click to complete the MASD Service Legacy Award Nomination

All nominations will be reviewed by a committee. If selected, nominees will then be invited to complete the full dedication to service application.

Nominations for 2024 are due by June 30, 2024!


Request for Information Award Application (Round Two)

We understand that a nominator may not be able to share the level of detail about a nominee's accomplishments as they could provide about themself. Therefore, if a nominee meets the award criteria, they will move on to round two. At that point, they will be invited to complete the MASD Service Request for Information award application.

Click to complete the MASD Service Request for Information Award Application

Round two may be completed by the nominee or by a close family member or friend on the nominee's behalf if they are unable to complete the application. 

Applications for 2024 are due August 2, 2024!


Award Process

1.  Moon Area School District provides an online Award Nomination. If a nominator is unable to complete the application online, they may email Kristen Frankovich at to request a hard copy.

2.  If the nominee meets the award criteria, he or she will be notified and invited to complete the MASD Service Legacy Award Request for Information Application. In addition to completing and submitting the Request for Information Award Application (required), nominees are encouraged to provide supporting items that further distinguish themselves. Such items include, but are not limited to:

  • Letters of support from non-family members that specifically address the criteria (optional, but encouraged)
  • Current biography or curriculum vitae for the individual
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Personal stories
  • Awards or certificates of achievement
  • Other items of interest

3.  If the nominee meets the award criteria, but he or she is unable to complete the Request for Information Award Application, it may be completed by a close friend or family member on behalf of the nominated individual. 

4.  One award application per individual will be considered.

5.  Request for Information Award Applications will be held for a period of five years. If an individual is not selected for the award, his or her Award Application may be updated and renewed by the original or other appropriate nominator for consideration in a subsequent year. 

6.  No limitation will be placed on the total number of nominations accepted for consideration.

7.  The name of the nominator will not be disclosed without permission.

8.  The school district will collect submitted nominations, which will be reviewed and validated.

9.  The school district will notify the nominees if they meet the criteria to move on to round two. At that point, they will be invited to complete the Service Legacy Award Request for Information. 

10.  The committee will meet to discuss all applications for the Service Legacy Award. 

11.  The committee will vet all applicants through district administration and the Board of School Directors.

12.  The committee’s decision will stand as the final decision, no appeal process will take place.


Service Legacy Timeline

Nominations for the Moon Area School District Dedication to Service Legacy Award can be submitted at any time. However, in order to have applications reviewed, there is a cutoff date for each year.

2024 Timeline

June 30, 2024 -- Round one nominations are due. Click to submit a nomination.

Week of July 1, 2024 -- Nominees will be notified if they are selected to move on to round two. They will then be invited to complete the full Request for Information Award Application.

August 2, 2024 -- Round two Request for Information Award Applications are due. 

Week of August 12, 2024 -- Award winners will be notified.

October 2024 -- Award winners will be recognized as part of MASD's Homecoming celebration!