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Curriculum Updates

We take a proactive approach to maintaining a relevant curriculum for our students. We engage in a cyclical curriculum adoption process for all content areas to ensure that our students receive an education that will prepare them for a dynamic future. 

The curriculum adoption process entails a thorough analysis of the current praxis, identifying strengths and weaknesses among student performance data. A committee is then established to review the data, examine the most successful research-based practices, determine a future scope and sequence of content, and evaluate materials to identify which will best meet the needs of students with the new scope and sequence. The new curriculum and its materials are then presented to the Board of Education for approval.

The newly adopted curriculum is written by teachers prior to the first semester of implementation. Extensive professional development is provided to teachers in the early stages of implementation, and support is maintained throughout the entire life of the adoption. Administrators and teachers periodically review the effectiveness of the curriculum, and revisions are made when necessary.

With the fall of 2013, the newly adopted Math Expressions program will be implemented in grades K-6, academic. A committee for a new 7-12 mathematics adoption will present recommendations to the Board of Education for fall of 2014. Parents are encouraged to become involved in our curriculum adoption process. If you are interested in contributing to the 7-12 mathematics adoption committee, please contact the Assistant Director of Curriculum.