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The Board recognizes the importance of the right of the public to have access to the public records of the District. This includes public financial records. The public has the right under law to inspect and procure copies of the annual audit conducted by the District's accountants, and the audit conducted by the Commonwealth's Auditor General's office, and the annual operating budget. 


The district's auditor is Zelenkofske Axelrod, LLC. Click on the links below to view the MASD annual audit report.

2021-2022 MASD Audit Report

2020-2021 MASD Audit Report

2019-2020 MASD Audit Report

2018-2019 MASD Audit Report

2017-2018 MASD Audit Report

2016-2017 MASD Audit Report

2015-2016 MASD Audit Report



2023-24 Final Budget

2022-23 Final Budget

2021-22 Final Budget

2020-21 Final Budget

2019-20 Final Budget

2018-19 Final Budget

2017-18 Final Budget

2016-17 Final Budget