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Kindergarten Links

Kindergarten is such an exciting and important time in a child’s life.  The kindergarten team at Moon Area School District works hard to ensure that every student has a wonderful experience during their first year at MASD.  There are so many exciting opportunities during kindergarten.  At MASD, we are preparing our students to be future ready, which starts in kindergarten.  Aside from the rigorous curriculum that encourages students’ minds to grow, students reach their potential socially as well.  Each kindergarten classroom at MASD fosters a fun and safe learning environment.  Kindergarten teachers collaborate with each other as well as other staff, such as but not limited to reading specialists, speech pathologists, and special educators, to ensure that all children’s needs are met. 

Some of the wonderful opportunities your child will participate in when they come to kindergarten at MASD include but are not limited to the following: participating in educational field trips, learning how to be a kind person (Rachel’s Challenge), exploring STEAM activities using beebots (early coding skills), learning different holiday cultures, experiencing free and structured play, partnering and learning with other grade levels, celebrating Read Across America (Literacy Night), and so much more!  At MASD, kindergarteners will enter as eager learners and leave as future-ready scholars!

Meet Our Kindergarten Team

Kindergarten Progression

Recipes for Kindergarten Readiness

Healthy Habits

MASD Breakfast/Lunch Program Information


Meet Our Kindergarten Team


Allard Elementary

Principal: Dr. Kazmierczak

Miss Falcione

Mrs. O’Malley


Bon Meade Elementary

Principal: Mr. Furlow

Mrs. Dellovade

Mrs. Iannessa

Ms. Kavanshansky

Mrs. Kohl

Mrs. Reynolds


Brooks Elementary

Principal: Dr. McGahee

Mrs. Currie

Miss Lamb

Mrs. Scanlon


Hyde Elementary

Principal: Mr. Johnson

Mrs. Seiler

Mrs. Shaver


McCormick Elementary

Principal: Dr. Moore

Mrs. Isaac

Ms. Logelin


Kindergarten Progression

One of the best parts of kindergarten is the incredible growth, socially and academically, that each child experiences.  Below, you will find details about your child’s kindergarten experience at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year at Moon Area School District.

During the beginning of the school year, kindergartners begin to develop:

  • The school day structure
  • Fine motor skills (correct pencil grip [pincer grasp], cutting, gluing, and more)
  • Letter knowledge (upper and lowercase letters and their sounds)
  • Correct writing formation
  • Phonological awareness (manipulating the sounds of language)
  • High-frequency word knowledge (reading and writing high-frequency words)
  • Emergent writing skills (sentence structure, syntax, and more)
  • Grammatical concepts (ex: a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal)
  • Cardinality (the last number said when counting is how many there are)
  • Number identification of 0-10, numeral and word
  • Self-regulation of emotions
  • Concepts of print
  • Friendships
  • Healthy homework habits

During the middle of the school year, kindergartners refine their:

  • Knowledge of the procedures and expectations of their school day
  • Fine motor skills (consistent pincer grasp when holding a pencil and efficient use of glue and scissors, etc.)
  • Letter knowledge (knowing almost every letter and sound in the alphabet)
  • Blend and digraph knowledge
  • Phonological awareness knowledge (blending and segmenting sounds)
  • High-frequency word knowledge (can identify and write about 18 high-frequency words)
  • Decoding cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words
  • Writing skills (writing words and sentences)
  • Writing formation (using lines properly to write letters)
  • Grammar knowledge (identifying and using nouns, verbs, and adjectives)
  • Subitizing skills (seeing a representation of a number and knowing how many without counting, a row of 5 counters and another row of 5 counters is 10)
  • Writing and identifying of numbers up to 20
  • Shape knowledge
  • Adding and subtracting concepts
  • Positive relationships between peers and staff
  • Automaticity of skills
  • Independence


By the end of the school year, kindergartners should show mastery in the following:

  • Procedures and expectations of school without prompting
  • Correctly using a writing utensil, scissors, and glue independently
  • All letters, sounds, blends, digraphs and other phonics codes taught
  • Reading fluently at a kindergarten developmental level
  • Phonological awareness knowledge (developmental for kindergarten)
  • High-frequency word knowledge (can identify and write all 34 words taught)
  • Writing sentences independently, with all correct conventions of writing
  • Using and identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns in writing
  • Subitizing skills
  • Writing and identifying numbers up to 20
  • 2-D and 3-D shape knowledge (circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, triangle, sphere, cube, cone, cylinder)
  • Adding fluently
  • Subtracting fluently
  • Positive relationships between peers and staff (kindness)
  • Independence
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking


Recipes for Kindergarten Readiness

Through exploring the links, you will find some wonderful resources for helping your child become a critical thinker as well as helping your child become kindergarten ready!

Recipes for Readiness (PA Document)

Pre-K Literacy Strategies Resource

Pre-K Social Emotional Strategies Resource

Pre-K STEAM Strategies Resource


Healthy Habits

We are concerned about the health and well-being of all our students. All buildings have a Nurse to help monitor the Health Suite. Please use the guidelines located to the right for your child’s school-related health concerns.

NOTE: Any serious illnesses or injuries should be diagnosed by a physician and the student should not be sent to school for evaluation.

MASD School Nurse/ Student Health Information.



MASD Breakfast/Lunch Program Information

Through exploring the links, you will find MASD lunch program information as well as some other wonderful resources.  Kindergarten students receive a lunch number, which they have to memorize.  They use this five-digit number to buy their breakfast and/or lunch as well as use it as their login for other programs throughout their schooling.  The lunch choices for breakfast and lunch each month can be found on the MASD website.

MASD Food Service Information.