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Preschool Curriculum

The planned schedule at Moon Preschool will include the three following rotations: Free Play, Activity Time and Major Lessons, which are explained as follows:


Each day the children will be permitted approximately 30 minutes of free play. Each child may take part in some or all of the activities. Free play includes the following centers:

  • Housekeeping (Dramatic play area with dress up clothes and kitchen supplies)
  • Jungle gym
  • Blocks
  • Easel Painting
  • Sand/Water Table
  • Manipulative Center for small muscle control (Puzzles, board games, play dough, etc.)
  • Art and Creative Tables for small muscle control and creativity (Finger painting, sponge painting, ink stamps or gluing things like cotton balls and glitter to construction paper)
  • Library Center (Books and puppets)
  • Discovery Center (Science related activities)

At the end of Free Play, we first engage in Show and Tell and then Alphabet Box:

Show and Tell – Your child will be assigned a specific day for Show & Tell and he/she must bring a favorite item from home to show to the class. When it is time for Show & Tell, your child will be called up to the front of the circle rug and will be asked a few questions about the item they brought. They will then walk around and show their item to the class.

Alphabet Box – Alphabet Box is done as the entire group of children sits in a circle (known as “circle time”) at the end of our Free Play rotation right after we do Show and Tell. Based on our letter of the week, we place at least 10 items into a box that begin with that letter. First, we show the children a picture of the letter of the week and ask them to identify it. Next, we pull items out of the box one at a time and ask the children to identify the object and tell us what letter it begins with. Once we have gone through all of the items twice, the children will also be given an item that starts with the letter of the week, such as a sticker, a coloring page or an ink stamp on their hand.


Activity Time is slightly more structured than Free Play. During the Activity Time rotation, the teachers plan very special activities for the children and also plan specific table activities, which include the following:

  • Calendar (review of the day of the week, month and date)
  • Game (a large motor activity that relates to the weekly theme)
  • Dramatic Play (an activity based on the weekly theme where the children are encouraged to use their imagination)
  • Music (sing and/or do motions to a song that relates to the weekly theme)
  • Alphabet Table (a craft or coloring activity that relates to the letter of the week)
  • Math Table (an activity or a game that helps to strengthen math skills)
  • Concept Table (activities that involve concepts like colors, shapes, sizes, etc.)


Major Lessons is the most structured of the three rotations. The lesson for the day is based entirely on the theme for the week. During Major Lessons, The preschool children are together in one large group during the following activities:

  • Calendar (review of the day of the week, month and date)
  • Circle Time (A book that relates to the theme)
  • Craft Time (A craft that relates to the theme)
  • Large Motor (An activity that strengthens large motor skills and is related to the theme)