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Online Payment System

MySchoolBucks is the online payment vendor that MASD uses to make online payments possible. They have their own website which can be used to pay for parking passes and other optional items/services offered by the district, and they also are linked to our Skyward system which allows parents/guardians to pay fees/obligations right from their Skyward account.

Skyward Fee/Obligation Payment Instructions

When you login to your family account in skyward you should notice a "Fee Management" tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on that tab and you will be able to see any fees or obligations that you students have incurred.


As you can see in the image above this parent's students have incurred a missing lock fee/obligation, and have not yet paid for their High School Laptop Maintenance fee. If the parent wants to pay for any or all of these fees/obligations online then they would want to click on the "Make a Payment" option which is in light blue writing above the fee/obligation information.

A new window should appear on your screen titled "Online Payment Entry - Single Point of Entry Interface", which will have all of your students listed as well as the possible balances that are attached to their individual accounts.


What we want to do on this screen is get one or both of the balances into your "Pending Cart" which can be found on the right side of the above image. This is done by clicking on the "Update Payment Amount" button located in each student's listed box. You will need to click on this box for each student you wish to make payments for. This will take you to another screen where, depending on the fee/obligation that you are trying to pay might ask you to check an extra box called "Pay Fee" next to the "Payment Amount" column.


The first of the above two images has the Pay Fee button checked and grayed out while the second image was after the parent/guardian checked the box. The Pay Amount is now highlighted in green. The next step for both of these images would be to click on the "Update Cart" button located on the right side of the screen and between the "Fees due for Student" and Fees that can be added to this student's account" sections.


The above image shows what the screen will look like after each student's fees have been added to the cart. You will notice that there are now items in the cart and the "Total Payment Amount for all Students:" section has the total outlined. Next you will hit the "Pay with Vendor" button located at the top of the screen beside the "Empty Cart" button. 


The next page will ask you to login if you have created an account previously (an account can also be created at this time if you want to). An account should be created if you want to be able to purchase parking passes for High School students which require that a student be tied to the account. For the purposes of this description you can just click on "Checkout as Guest".


This last image shows the information that you should have ready so that you can complete the process as efficiently as possible.