Recap: 2019 National Academic Games Competition

AGLOA 2019

Moon Area High School (MAHS) and Moon Area Middle School (MAMS) students participated in the National Academic Games Tournament April 26-May 1, 2019, in Orlando, Florida.

National Academic Games Leagues of America (AGLOA) is a national organization that encourages students to use their knowledge and their wits to out-smart one another in various subject fields.

Moon Area students participate in the Western Pennsylvania Academic Game League (WPAGL), where six local competitions are held to determine which students qualify for the national tournament. 

Students can compete in Equations, On-Sets, Propaganda, LinguiSTHIK, Presidents, and World Events.  Students representing MAMS were Krushna Bhanushali, Shree Bhanushali, Meghan D'Aniello, Rylee Gehrlein, Shane Henry, Ria Khazanchi, Madison Starr, Aarav Surapaneni, and John Zbihley.  Students representing MAHS were Leah Bookser, Lillian Beckwith, Isabella Gayoso, Arun Guduru, Nikki Konley, Vik Mallikarjun, Chancharik Mitra, Daniella Schmitz and Thomas Schmitz. 




ALGOA Middle School 2019Below is a list of MAHS and MAMS student accomplishments from the competition:


7th Grade -  Meghan D'Aniello - 3rd place Current Events Team, 4th place Propaganda Team

                       Ria Khazanchi - 4th place Propaganda Team

                       Madison Starr - 8th place Propaganda Team

8th Grade - John Zbihley - 3rd place Current Events Team


9th Grade –        Thomas Schmitz - 4th place Theme (Women Who Changed the World) Team


10th Grade –   Chancharik Mitra - 2nd place Individual in Equations, 8th place Individual in Presidents, 10th place Individual in “Sweepstakes.” To earn this award, students are ranked using the scores of their top four games they competed in at the National Tournament. The individual scores of one math, one ELA, one social studies, and one other game from any subject area is combined to rank the students.  Mitra played Equations, Propaganda, Presidents, and On-Sets and he ranked #10 out of 174 student competitors. This the first time a Moon Area student has earned a sweepstakes award. 


11th Grade -               Arun Guduru - 4th place Current Events Team

                              Vik Mallikarjun - 4th place Current Events Team, 8th place Individual in Current Events


12th Grade -               Lillian Beckwith, Isabella Gayoso, Daniela Schmitz - 2nd Place Theme (Women Who Changed the World) Team



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