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HAALA Club Learns About Chinese New Year

HAALA Club Learns About Chinese New Year
The HAALA club stands for Heritage Awareness and Learning for All. It is a popular club open to students in grades 5 through 8 and celebrates the culture of all students at the Middle School and beyond. This is lead by teachers Candace Shaffer, 5th grade teacher and Jane Joyce, 8th grade teacher.

Activities slated for the HAALA club include:

  • Learning about the cultures that make up our school
  • Creating art and participating in games and activities from different cultures
  • Hearing guest speakers and
  • Visiting nearby cultural attractions

Recently, we invited Mrs. Ying Zhang and her son Yikuan Liang (5th grade Lions Team) to share the meaning of Chinese New Year. They presented some facts vs fiction with the students and lead them creating a Chinese Lantern. Students also experience a Chinese New Year traditional rice cookie.