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Something Rotten! Photos

Something Rotten! Photos

The high school's spring production of Something Rotten! is a hilarious musica that centers around who William Shakespeare might have been, and features a cast, crew, and orchestra of nearly 150 students.

"Something Rotten! was, by far, the most challenging show that our students have produced to date. Not only did it push them to achieve excellence in deep acting, intense singing, and complex dancing, it also provided a rich historical context surrounding Renaissance England, Shakespeare, and a wide history of musical," said Mr. Robert Michael, Theatre Director. "At its core, live performance strives to connect cast, crew, and orchestra members and audiences though the shared art of storytelling and the talent of our students is nothing short of remarkable."

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Photo credit: Jamie Greene, Rachael McBride, and Michele Proudfit

Rated: PG-13 for mild humor.