Two MAMS Teams Participate in Fluid Power Challenge

Girls Team Fluid Power Challenge

Two Moon Area Middle School 8th grade teams participated in the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) Fluid Power Challenge on Thursday, March 28, 2019.

Fluid-powered machines utilize liquid or gas to transfer power. The event challenged the teams of four to create a mechanism out of various materials to move a wooden cylinder as many times as possible from a designated location in two minutes while utilizing fluid power.

The annual two-day event is hosted by the Wojanis Supply Company, a local hydraulic supply company. The competition offers an opportunity for students to learn about fluid power in a hands-on activity while applying STEAM concepts.

Students received the challenge four weeks prior and worked on their design plans and portfolios in school. Students had two hours to build their machine on competition day.

The team consisting of Sawyer Herman, Rachel Sacherich, Caitlyn Cox, and Kamsi Odigboh won third place overall. Eighth grader John Zbihley and 7th graders Aarav Surapaneni, Anish Raghavan, and Krushna Bhanushali won an award for Best Portfolio.



Boys Team 2019 Fluid Power Challenge

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