2020-2021 One-to-One Device Distribution & Information

one-to-one initiative

In May 2020, the Board of Education approved the purchase of devices for each student in order to expand the District's one-to-one initiative K-12.

Students in grades K-4 will receive iPads, while students in grades 5-12 will receive laptops. There will not be a device fee for students K-8. Students 9-12 will continue to pay an annual maintenance fee of $50 as they will be able to keep their device upon graduation. 

Below, you will find device distribution information as well as our acceptable use agreement and device/network use notice. Please read these documents carefully as parents will be asked to sign these agreements in person when they pick up their student's device(s) to acknowledge that they have read and understand our policies. 

  • Device Distribution Information
    • There will be a second Device Distribution Make-Up day on August 24th from 4-6:30PM in the High School Cafeteria. Please enter through the Administrative Entrance. You will not be permitted to enter the building from any other entrance!

Please Note: Bring a signed copy of the Device Usage, Support, and Maintenance Notice that is provided below.

Elementary School Parents and Guardians!

Please see this guide below to cancel/prioritize app downloads if your student's iPad is experiencing problems with downloading or installing applications that are needed for the school year. 

1) Hold down on the app and select Prioritize Download.  This may result in an error prompt to purchase the app (Note: the error also shows if you just single tap on the pending install).


2) Hold down on the app again and then select Cancel Download.  This removes the Pending app installation on the iPad and removed it from the screen.

3) Wait - once the app download is cancelled, the next time the iPad connects to the schools management system it will get an inventory command to pull/push to reinstall the apps.

Please ensure the iPad is connected to your wireless home network and give the device some time to 'check in' and download the apps again. 

Some users may experience a delay in downloading applications on their iPad device. Please follow these steps.

We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation!

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