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Transition Events at MASD

Please note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are not able to host our traditional transition events this year. We hope to be able to offer these transition events again soon! Thank you!


At Moon Area School District, we provide three transition events throughout the school year at each elementary building.  These transition events are for in-coming kindergarten students in their last year of pre-k as well as their families.  The first event is a couple months into the new school year.  This is our “Fall Into Kindergarten” event.  Students get to meet kindergarten staff, principals, and reading specialists at their soon-to-be kindergarten building.  They will participate in fall-themed centers and activities.

The second transition event at Moon Area School District occurs in the spring.  This transition event is similar to the fall event but is called “Spring Into Kindergarten.”  Students will participate in fun spring activities and, once again, meet the staff.  The last transition event occurs in mid-summer, about a month before the start of kindergarten.  This is our kindergarten playdate. Students and families get to come to the school they will be attending, see the cafeteria, play on the playground, read a story, do a craft, have a snack, etc.!

For the fall and spring transition events, the transition coordinator at Moon Area School District, Lindsay Barnhart, will communicate with your Pre-K provider.  She will send the flyer and rsvp to your Pre-K provider, who will then send the flyer and rsvp to you.  After filling it out, you can return it to your Pre-K teacher who will then return it to Lindsay Barnhart.

At Moon Area School District, we know the importance of Pre-K to kindergarten transition, and we want to make the whole experience as successful as possible!

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